Win With Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

For Lawyers, Doctors, and Dentists


Reviews of Win With Multi-Channel Digital Marketing:

"As a 60-something (who started the West Coast's first health care advertising agency in 1979), I am part of the "Digital Fringe Generation."  With real continuing education effort, I can hold my own with the e-prowess of the typical 12-year-old.  But if I don't keep educating myself on all-things-digital, I rapidly fall behind. Dan Goldstein's new, to-the-point book is just the kind of fast-read-catch-up I've needed to stay afloat on a sea of new concepts. I recommend it highly to every professional practice owner and executive."

John Pinto, President, J. Pinto & Associates, Inc., San Diego, CA

"Dan Goldstein has written a book that introduces and outlines the various components of a comprehensive online digital marketing strategy. Written for professionals, particular in the medical and legal professions, it is designed to give the reader a basic working knowledge of the different tools available for online digital marketing, and how they work both individually and synergistically. To Mr. Goldstein’s credit, he accomplishes these goals in a concise, thoughtful, and user-friendly manner."

Joseph J. Fata, MD, Renaissance Plastic Surgery, Indianapolis, IN

"This eBook is a must read for any managing attorney in today's competitive marketplace.  It outlines essential steps that you should be using today to ensure that your law firm remains competitive and gets its share of business in a challenging and constantly evolving market. Dan is THE authority on effective and authentic internet marketing for law firm websites."

Melvin B. Wright, Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, Orlando, FL