Custom Video Production

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

Website Video

The Web has been transformed over the last couple years. People used to use the Web in an almost voyeuristic fashion. Now people are comfortable with the Internet. With the advent of websites like YouTube and Facebook, people are now making the Web a part of their social lives. It’s a personal experience. Your website must immediately make a personal impression, building an instant rapport with visitors, and  separating your practice from your competitors. How do you achieve this? The answer? Custom video.

Custom video on your website will:

  • Separate your practice from your competitors
  • Build instant rapport with your visitors
  • Communicate more complex information
  • Give your message personality and emotion
  • Convert more visitors into leads
  • Improve your Search Engine exposure (Video SEO)

Our custom video package will add passion to your website and help you build a better relationship with potential clients!

Our custom video Package features:

  • Travel – Our videos are shot on-site at your office, but we don’t charge extra for the travel. We pay for our own expenses.
  • Post Production - Studio and editing time are included, and if it takes longer than anticipated to produce your videos, you don’t pay an extra dime.
  • All footage is shot in true high-definition (HD).
  • Ownership of all raw and final footage, and website files. Your videos are permanently embedded in your website. There is no proprietary video player.


  • Graphic treatments (including practice logo or any other visual branding collateral)
  • Non-copyright music
  • Narrative voice-over (male or female)
  • Script writing – We know that you’re not a professional actor or on-screen personality.
  • Professional direction – We help you look professional and credible on camera.
  • A half day shoot
  • Professional lighting and set-up for interviews
  • Sit-down interviews with clients and staff
  • B-roll footage of the practice both interior and exterior
  • A collection of print resolution stills for use on the web-site and other marketing materials
  • The end product: Up to six minutes of true High-Definition Video that is shot, edited, and compressed into approximately six segments, embedded in the appropriate pages of your website such as the Home, About Us, and Contact Us sections of your website.

How It Works

The process starts with website design. If you already have a website, then we can get started right away on the video. In either case, we’ll begin writing the script and will schedule a time for us to fly out and do the video shoot.

After we shoot and edit your videos, we build your videos into your website. In addition to having a section devoted to video, we embed your videos into the corresponding pages of your website. This increases the number of viewers for all of your videos as people are more willing to watch a video that they stumble upon than they are to click into a separate video area.

Video SEO

Google and some of the other search engines now index more than just Web pages. They index images, news bites, books, and video. By submitting your videos to the search engines and optimizing those video submissions for your most important keyword phrases, you can secure more 1st-page listings on the search engines.

Getting Started

Contact us today to get started with video for the web. We’ll discuss your particular situation and the role that video will play in your Web marketing. We look forward to speaking with you!