Tracking Internet Marketing Results

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists


Search Engine Positioning Reports

The first step in a successful search engine marketing campaign is obviously getting listed on the search engines. If that doesn’t happen, then the website won’t get traffic, the traffic won’t convert into leads, and the leads won’t convert into clients. Hence, it is extremely important to track your website’s performance on the search engines. At Page 1, our clients get a monthly spreadsheet of their target keyword searches. The report displays which keyword searches on the various search engines are returning 1st-page search results, as well as those that are not.

Website Traffic Reports

At all stages in the campaign, tracking your web traffic statistics is crucial. If you don’t, you’re flying blind. At Page 1 Solutions, we use Google Analytics to track your website’s traffic statistics. The program gives us a lot of useful information to guide our Internet marketing efforts.

What if you’re on the 1st page for all of your search terms, but they’re the wrong keywords. If you track the amount of traffic that your website receives, you’ll be able to tell if the keywords that you’re targeting are worth anything. If you target a new keyword, trends in your traffic will reveal if it’s translating into visitors.

Web traffic statistics will also tell you how long people are spending on your website and how many pages of your website they’re viewing. If the majority of your visitors are leaving after 25 seconds, then it’s likely that they haven’t had the time to decide to contact you.

Lead Conversion and Tracking

If your website is effective, it will convert a percentage of your traffic into phone calls and emails. Our Internet marketing team monitors the number of leads that you get and watches for trends so that we can modify our strategies as we go.

  • Email - Many people will prefer to correspond with you, at least on the outset, by email. It’s important to track how many email leads that you receive and of those, how many you convert. If you find that you’re receiving a lot of email leads, but converting very few of them, it’s time to rethink your approach to email sales.
  • Phone Calls - Similar to email, call tracking is important to determine how many phone leads you get and to watch for trends.

At Page 1 Solutions, tracking and reporting is an integral part of our Internet marketing strategies. 

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