What Our Dental Clients Say

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"I've been a client of Page 1 Solutions for over 10 years.  They have always done an amazing job for us in terms of new website builds and SEO.  They have been great to work with!"
Dr. Gordon Chee, Aesthetic Dental Studio
"Page 1 Solutions has been great since day 1! Very happy with all they have done for me and my office. Our IMC feels like a part of our own office. They are fabulous to work with, quick to respond and insightful and current with market trends. Thank you for all you do for us!"
Dr. Nathan Tenney, Desert Smiles
"Previous to Page1solutions I was with another company for over 10 years and they did help us tremendously. However I did realize towards the end of our relationship that everything was taking forever or sometimes nothing would happen. Promises were made and never kept. So we decided to look for another company and Page1solutions has been nothing but a class act. They really know their stuff and they are honest and very fair. I seriously doubt that there is anyone close to what Page1solutions can offer and be able to deliver."
Dr. Ramin Tabib, NYC Smile Design
"The social media stuff is fun, I enjoy checking my page and seeing what has been posted."
Dr. Larry Evola, Forestream Dental