Social Media Marketing for Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Practices

Effective Social Campaigns for Plastic Surgeons , Med Spas & Dermatologists

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Facebook postCosmetic surgery is an inherently visual field of medicine. Your patients don’t just want to know what procedures can help them look their best - they want to see the results.

Your website design and before-and-after galleries can highlight results you’ve achieved for specific patients. But one of the best ways to connect your practice to the needs and goals of prospective patients is to build rapport through social media.

The social media specialists at Page 1 Solutions have extensive experience helping plastic surgeons, cosmetic practices and other aesthetic professionals harness organic and paid features of popular social media websites to market their practice and capture new consultations and patients.

Social marketing strategies effectively combine with multiple marketing campaigns to boost your reputation, amplify your brand message, improve your search rank, and gain and retain patients. Ultimately, a multi-channel strategy drives high-quality leads, conversions, and more revenue.

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Billions of people use Facebook every day. They interact with friends, share photos and videos, comment on content posted by other users and more.

Prospective patients don’t make the decision to undergo plastic surgery lightly. You can position your practice to be the one that they choose, though, by emphasizing the human element.

Facebook post for South Tulsa Plastic SurgeryPage 1 Solutions helps you optimize and personalize your practice by:

  • Optimizing your account to ensure that all of the information is complete and accurate
  • Maintaining important sections like the About and Services areas that tell users who you are and the procedures you offer at a glance
  • Taking users inside your practice by posting photos and videos
  • Managing reviews; patients want to find the best surgeon, doctor or med spa, and testimonials from satisfied patients can help establish your credentials
  • Posting a wide range of quality content; in addition to promoting new specials and the content on your website, our team identifies pertinent opportunities to share updates relevant to your community, charitable partners and more

All of these tactics establish the credibility of your practice and present you as approachable. Frequent activity and enthusiasm go a long way on this social platform, but our agency can help you go even further with Facebook paid advertising.

Our team members can use the demographics, location details and other key information about your ideal patients to build narrowly targeted advertising campaigns that can drive traffic to your website, increase engagement with your posts, showcase your latest promotions and more. The number and specificity of parameters on the Facebook ad network is astonishing, and our team excels at precisely managing your paid advertising campaigns to get your best ROI.

48% Increase in Facebook Followers - Actual Client Data


Plastic surgeons can say a lot in 140 characters. Twitter allows you to a make brief updates and announcements to your followers, which is especially helpful for special offers and promotions.

Like Facebook, you can also use Twitter to fill users in on what’s happening at your practice, including team outings, new doctors and staff, community happenings and more. Our social media specialists customize your tweets so they take the form of the shorter, punchier announcements characteristic of the platform.

Twitter can also help you build relationships with influencers, which in turn can enhance your authority among both patients and experts. Page 1 Solutions manages the following aspects of your Twitter account:

  • Retweets: Broaden the exposure of content relevant to your practice and your patients by circulating other users’ content
  • Favorites: Bookmark tweets to engage with other accounts
  • Hashtag trending: Find “hot” topics that can inform your own social content creation
  • Lists: Keep an eye on trends and updates from leading medical organizations, community groups and more

Twitter provides unparalleled opportunities to participate in social media conversations and enhance your brand. Staying relevant reflects well on your practice, further establishing your credibility among patients.


“Show, don’t tell” is good advice in the digital age. Few social platforms allow you to show more than Instagram.

By regularly updating your Instagram account with high-quality pictures and short videos, you can take users on a visual tour of your office. Page 1 Solutions provides support for your marketing on Instagram by:

  • Managing your account: We ensure that you have a suitable profile photo and the description at the top of your account is accurate, impactful and conveys important information to prospective patients, including your phone number, website, specialty and location
  • Posts: Our social media specialists take advantage of Instagram’s straightforward interface to help you tell a unique, engaging story about your practice. The possibilities for visual content on Instagram are nearly endless:
    • Candid pictures of you and your team
    • Ads for specials and seasonal offers
    • Photos at local charity and continuing education events
    • Actual patients (with their consent, of course), including procedures performed, post-op updates and other details
    • Behind-the-scenes footage in the operating room or medical spa
    • Fun, off-the-cuff items, from inspirational quotes to vacation photos
  • Engagement: We add compelling descriptions and relevant hashtags to each post so users with specific interests or following certain discussions can see where your practice fits

Ultimately, Instagram is a tool that helps plastic surgeons and other cosmetic doctors convey the full range of their personality. From the moving to the touching to the funny, Page 1 Solutions is happy to help you build an engaging brand that speaks to prospective patients.

40% Increase in Facebook Impressions - Actual Client Data


The leading social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn is a tool for bolstering your credentials within medical circles. We help you set up and market your LinkedIn profile by:

  • Making regular updates on your profile: These could include industry news, new content on your website, papers you’ve authored, presentations you’ve given and more
  • Joining groups: LinkedIn Groups help you participate in discussions with fellow doctors and medical professionals. Social media specialists monitor the conversations so we can connect you with people talking about your areas of expertise
  • InMail: Our social media specialists also identify influencers and other potentially valuable connections. We write InMail messages to make contact with these users and potentially grow awareness for your practice

Read helpful social media tips in our marketing blog

Paid Social Media Advertising

In addition to organic posting and engagement, Page 1 Solutions helps market plastic surgeons, cosmetic practices and medical spas on multiple social networks. We have experience with ad campaigns on a multitude of platforms, including:

  • Twitter: Twitter Ads can help you increase the number of users following your account. You can target campaigns according to specific parameters so the most relevant users see your ads, or amplify your posts to reach a broad audience
  • LinkedIn: The LinkedIn Lead Gen platforms helps you drive qualified leads to your practice. Users who show an interest in downloading premium custom content fill out a form (many details of which are auto-completed based on their LinkedIn profile). You can then include these users in database marketing efforts through email, newsletters and more.
  • Facebook: Multiple options for engagement and driving leads and traffic via the Facebook ad network

Facebook Advertising for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons

Facebook paid ad for board-certified plastic surgeonPaid ads on Facebook are very flexible, with campaign options for nearly any budget. Social media specialists work with you to understand the best audience for your ads and target them precisely to accomplish your goals.

Some of the goals that Facebook ads may help you achieve include:

  • More website traffic: A clicks-to-website campaign catches the attention of users and drives them toward a specific page on your website
  • Better engagement: Boosted posts show up in users’ news feeds for as little as a few days to a full 2 weeks, prolonging the lifespan of your most important updates
  • A bigger audience: A Facebook “Likes” campaign encourages users to stay connected with your practice; the more “Likes” you have, the more people see what you post

For detailed information on pricing and packages, please visit our page on social media marketing services.

Ultimately, paid and organic social media marketing has one overarching goal: Drive patients and cases to your practice. Being popular online is a good way to reach people, but Page 1 Solutions prides itself on designing and executing campaigns that convert into business for our clients.

For more information about our social media services, please contact Page 1 Solutions by calling 303-233-3886 today. Your marketing evaluation is free, and we are pleased to discuss options for plastic surgeons, medical spas and other practices with a cosmetic medicine focus.