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What Is the Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing?

social media marketing graphicSocial media marketing is a critical part of the consumer decision-making process by which target clients find, research and compare service providers like surgeons, lawyers and dentists. It is a key element in growth-oriented practices’ marketing efforts. Success lies in identifying organic and paid strategies that go beyond just posting and sharing low-value consumer information, and understanding how social media can and should be integrated with your overall marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, most practices feel they are not getting a high return on their social media marketing investments, and are still trying to understand how to measure and maximize ROI from these efforts. Other practices simply do not have the time or they lack the knowledge to manage their social profiles effectively. A well-crafted and executed social media strategy can help you to accomplish any or all of the following:

build your brand with social mediaGenerate Brand Awareness — Social media is a great tool for creating and representing your brand’s image, as well as increasing brand recognition and affinity. It allows you to showcase the unique aspects of your business while connecting with current and prospective clients, ultimately helping to build top-of-the-funnel momentum.

social media build relationships with consumersBuild Relationships With Your Audience — Learn about your current and prospective customers by listening and communicating with them online. What are they saying about your brand? What are their interests? Understanding your audience helps you create relatable, relevant content and continually grow your following.

social media for visual storytellingVisual Storytelling — A picture really is worth 1,000 words. Social platforms allow you to tell a story about your practice and what makes it unique. People want to see the “human” side of your practice. Exclusive, “behind-the-scenes” content helps cut through the noise of a busy social feed and encourages audience engagement.

social media drives website trafficDrive Traffic To Your Website — Each platform has a unique method for generating links back to your website, which in turn drives site traffic. This can be achieved through organic and paid strategies. Social media is a great way to showcase your business’s most important content and encourage people to contact you about your services.

real-time conversations on social mediaRealtime Conversations — Conversations are happening on social media all the time. Likewise, social media increasingly serves as a customer service channel. It’s important for businesses to be present and always ready and able to respond in a timely manner. Be prepared to address both positive and negative communications on social.

targeting, retargeting and audience segmentation on social mediaAudience Segmentation & Retargeting — Most social media platforms, but Facebook especially, have features designed for businesses to garner key insights about their audience, and segment them. This is very useful when developing your organic content strategy, and allows for precise targeting and retargeting in your paid campaigns.

lead generation with social media marketing for lawyers, surgeons and dentistsLead Generation & Sales — When all parts of the social media marketing equation are present and running smoothly, social media can and does become a highly-effective lead generation and ecommerce sales machine. This will largely depend on having a substantial advertising budget and a strong segmentation and targeting strategy.

What Is Included in Our Social Media Packages and Services?

Our comprehensive social media marketing services encompass multiple aspects of a well-designed and executed strategy. Depending on your selected platform(s), we will do any or all of the following for you:

social media marketing services at Page 1 Solutions

Social Media Marketing: Platform-By-Platform Breakdown


social media marketing on FacebookFACEBOOK should be the top priority for most businesses. With the largest and most diverse user base of all social platforms, combined with a great wealth of business features and a massive advertising network, Facebook offers the greatest potential for a quick and tangible return on investment for almost any business.


All of our Facebook packages include:

  • Complete Page set-up and optimization, including custom cover photo
  • Real-time Page monitoring: never miss another comment, review, or message
  • Messenger chatbot for enhanced customer service
  • Custom curated pieces of content shared on Facebook each week
  • Integration and re-sharing of client’s blogs, visual content, videos, etc.
  • Branded “social props” for enhanced engagement (examples sent on request)
  • Complete set-up of Ad account, and installation of tracking Pixel on website
  • Monthly Boosted Post budget for better reach and engagement

From there, we offer three tiers of Facebook management:

    • 6 pieces of custom & curated content each month
    • 6 social props (3 delivered semi-annually)
    • $50 boost post budget
      • $600/month
    • 8 pieces of custom & curated content each month
    • 12 social props (3 delivered quarterly)
    • $75 boost post budget
      • $700/month
    • 10 pieces of custom & curated content each month
    • 24 social props (6 delivered quarterly)
    • $100 boost post budget
      • $800/month

We also offer a Facebook Group add-on to any Facebook management package:

  • Set-up a custom Facebook Group community
  • Group is branded and directly affiliated with your practice
  • Daily monitoring and engagement
  • Cross-promotion of practice's Page content with group
  • Additional content and posts as needed
  • Client must participate and be prepared to answer group members' questions promptly
    • One-time setup fee of $450. $600/month management fee for months 1 & 2, $300/month from there


Utilizing paid Facebook advertising can greatly increase your reach and help to accomplish key business and marketing objectives. Social media has in part become a "pay to play" environment. Using some form of paid promotions is arguably necessary. Fortunately, Facebook Ads are very affordable, and the technology behind them is unmatched by any other social media platform.

Our social team creates ad campaigns focused around specific objectives, aimed at helping to achieve what is most important to your practice. Here is an overview of our paid Facebook offerings:

  • Initial Ad Account set-up, installation of Facebook Pixel on your site
  • Campaign objectives include: brand awareness, site traffic, Likes, retargeting, lead generation
  • Campaign matched with practice’s goals
  • Custom design and creation of each new ad campaign, billed at $225 per campaign*
    • *Clients without a Facebook management package pay $450 for the first campaign, to cover new account set-up
  • Weekly optimization, monthly reporting
  • Creation of custom landing page, if applicable, one-time charge of $600
  • We charge a monthly ad management fee of $80 if budget is less than $500, 20% if budget exceeds $500


social media marketing on TwitterTWITTER is fast-paced and real-time. It’s a great channel for trending and engaging content. It serves as a high-visibility forum to voice your expertise and work towards becoming a thought leader in your industry. Twitter has a strong customer service focus, and allows you to quickly and easily communicate with your audience.

  • Complete Twitter account set-up and optimization
  • Custom branded profile picture & banner image
  • Weekly engagement, retweets, favoriting
  • Identify & engage with industry professionals & influencers, identify high-impact opportunities such as Twitter chats
  • Ongoing monitoring of messages and user activity
  • Monitor high-visibility, relevant hashtags. Include them when appropriate to get more visibility for your brand
  • Create Twitter Ad Account (client ad spend costs additional)
  • 12-20 combined Tweets and Retweets each month
    • $600 for first month (includes set-up costs), $400 per month thereafter


visual storytelling and marketing on InstagramINSTAGRAM is a highly visual platform that enables brands to tell their story in a stylistic manner. If you have a large repository of photo and video content, this is a great platform for you. Instagram has a large user base, but it tends to be younger people. It’s owned by Facebook, and therefore is part of the Facebook advertising network.

  • Complete Instagram business profile set-up and optimization, integrated with Facebook business page (if applicable)
  • Analyze optimal posting times & image formats. Monitor and use valuable hashtags, create branded hashtags where applicable
  • Post client’s images*, Repost relevant images from other profiles
  • Identify and conduct outreach with key Instagram influencers
  • Minimum of (3) posts/week: your content + our custom graphics
  • Quarterly contest creation and management (if desired)
  • Monthly boosted post budget of $50 included
  • *Client must send us a minimum of 8 images/videos per month
    • $1,000 for first month (includes set-up costs), $600 per month thereafter


Pinterest marketing servicesPINTEREST is a visual content powerhouse. People — primarily women — turn to Pinterest for inspiration. It is great for branding, and drives website traffic. It is a great channel to share interesting and informative visual content such as infographics, gallery images, and blogs.

  • Complete Pinterest account set-up and optimization
  • Installation of Pinterest Tag on your website for audience insights
  • Creation of multiple relevant Boards—mix of industry-specific, and more “fun” and engaging topics
  • Weekly Pinterest engagement—pin fresh content, re-pin and like/save pins from other users, follow influencers
  • Integration of blogs, visual content, videos, etc with client’s boards
    • $600 for first month (includes set-up costs), $400 per month thereafter


LinkedIn referral marketing and growthLINKEDIN is a professional social networking site. Individuals utilize LinkedIn as their “digital resume”. It is a great platform for B2B referral marketing, and a great way to participate in industry-based interest groups, share industry content, and foster thought leadership.

  • Complete LinkedIn personal profile optimization and/or Business Page set-up and optimization (if applicable)
  • Join and participate in industry-related groups, identify key influencers and B2B prospects
  • Daily monitoring of feed activity and incoming messages, high-urgency items promptly sent to you
  • Managing InMail (if applicable)
  • Post/share client’s content, and industry-specific content
    • $600 for first month (includes set-up costs), $400 per month thereafter

We also offer a proven LinkedIn Attorney Referral Marketing Program.


marketing on SnapChatSNAPCHAT has a large, loyal user base, and thus a strong potential as a marketing channel—for the right business. Snapchat marketing must be fun, unique, engaging, and blend seamlessly into the native platform.

  • Initial Snapchat Ad Account set-up for business, create username and optimize settings
  • Select campaign objective to match key business goals: CTW, Brand Awareness, and Video Views
  • Set up Snap Pixel for CTW campaign.
  • Creation and copy for snapchat lenses
  • Detailed targeting and segmentation based on marketing objective, topic and budget.
  • Ad performance tracking and analysis
    • $450 setup fee, plus any ad spend
      • Please be advised that we charge a monthly ad management fee of $80 if budget is less than $500, 20% if budget exceeds $500

Additional Social Media Services and Add-Ons:

  • Social Props Package for creating fun and shareable images with clients/patients for social media: $450 for a set of 6
  • Facebook graphical posts/ads for non-social clients: $150/hour
  • Social media contests (Video, photo, giveaways, UGC. etc.): $400 plus additional ad spend for promotion
  • One-time social profile optimization or re-optimization (includes new cover photo): $250
  • Custom Facebook Cover video: $300
  • Expanded Facebook customized chatbot set-ups: $150/hour
  • Social media consultation/audit & competitor analysis full report: $150/hour

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