PPC for Plastic Surgeons

Website Design and SEO for Plastic Surgeons

If you are a plastic surgeon, PPC may be the right way to increase the number of new patients you get from the web. Our custom pay-per-click advertising strategies accurately targets high quality, local web traffic that convert into new leads and business. At Page 1 Solutions, we don’t focus on clicks. We work to increase the number of new leads you receive from PPC.

Advantages of PPC for Plastic Surgeons

SEO helps your website get into the unpaid, organic search engine results. Typically, time is required to get your website pages into these first-page listings. PPC advertising is the collection of sponsored listings at the top of the page of search engine results, and sponsored listings appear in results immediately without the use of SEO to get them there.

Used together, organic listings and sponsored listings are an important part of generating new leads from the internet and getting a valuable return on investment.

Some of the advantages of PPC advertising include:

  • You pay the search engines for the sponsored listings only if someone clicks on your PPC link.
  • PPC links can drive traffic to pages targeted precisely at the procedure the potential patient is looking for.
  • Sponsored listings appear immediately in the search engine results.
  • PPC listings can give you immediate exposure while we work on getting your website pages into the organic results.
  • You can make changes to your PPC campaign without changing your website.

PPC advertising is an effective way for plastic surgeons to reach a target audience. Ultimately, this type of advertising can generate new patients for your practice by converting web traffic into the kinds of leads you want.

Creating an Effective PPC Campaign

In order for PPC advertising to be successful and make your investment worthwhile, you need to make sure the audience you are attracting is going to destinations that will motivate them to contact you. At Page 1 Solutions, we know how to optimize the effectiveness of your PPC links, ultimately by getting more people who click on those links to contact you and generate new revenue.

In addition to getting you more conversions from plastic surgery PPC advertising, we provide:

  • Tracking and reporting of your results
  • Adherence to your PPC budget
  • Commitment to achieving your ROI goals
  • Personalized campaign recommendations based on performance

Our monthly reports include keyword performance statistics, number of leads and how they contacted you, cost per click and other performance information. Our recommendations for your PPC campaign are based on that information and how we can increase your conversions from PPC traffic.

PPC is successful when it gives you the return you want on your investment. Our goal is to increase your ROI and generate more revenue for your plastic surgery practice.

To find out more about our PPC services for plastic surgeons, please call 800-916-3886, or contact Page 1 Solutions to learn more and get an evaluation of your market and your website.