PPC for Lawyers

Website Design and SEO for Attorneys and Law Firms

PPC advertising for lawyers can attract a targeted audience to your law firm's website and landing pages. Often used to complement your SEO strategy, pay-per-click provides another avenue of converting website traffic into new leads for your law firm.

Choosing the Right PPC Specialists

At Page 1 Solutions, our PPC campaigns for lawyers include the following elements:

  • Optimization for your best possible ROI: Your PPC campaign is developed to get you the highest return on investment, by attracting the right traffic and converting that traffic into new leads and revenue for your law firm.
  • Transparency: We do not hide any fees from you, and we provide in-depth monthly reports showing you things like average cost per click, leads from chat, email and call tracking, and keyword performance. Every recommendation we make when developing a PPC campaign for a lawyer is based on these performance reports and determining what strategies will generate more leads.
  • Prioritization of your goals and budget: We track how your money is being spent in your PPC campaign, and we personalize your campaign to your goals. Any step we take is developed to increase your ROI.
  • Content for a target audience: Your PPC campaign has content targeted at a specific audience looking for a specific service or practice area.

We believe in offering you the most beneficial services to your law firm. We make sure your PPC campaign is bringing in the kinds of cases you want, and the revenue ROI you need.

Is PPC for Lawyers a Valuable Investment?

PPC advertising is valuable when it yields the return on investment goal you have set. We track each and every lead you get from PPC, whether it came through email, chat or call tracking. We can identify how many of these leads turn into cases, and how much revenue those cases produced for your law firm. In this way, once you have a PPC campaign in action, we can help you determine how profitable it is for you.

If you are a lawyer trying to decide if PPC is a good investment, our team is available to analyze your market, your competition and your current internet marketing strategies. We make recommendations based on what is most likely to generate the highest ROI for your firm.

Oftentimes, lawyers have found it most effective to combine SEO with PPC advertising. This type of strategy helps you get exposure in the organic, unsponsored listings of search engines, as well as the paid listings.

To learn more about PPC for lawyers and whether it can be effective for you, please call 800-916-3886, or contact Page 1 Solutions for an evaluation.