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Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa

The banner photo of a happy young couple strolling on the beach exemplifies the aspirational image Dr. Panchal strives to create for his patients. The same is true of his new website design.

The before-and-after gallery showcases the results Dr. Panchal has achieved through surgery of the face, breasts and body, as well as non-surgical treatments. Patients who peruse the galleries will notice pictures of both women and men, which highlights Dr. Panchal's commitment to providing quality care to patients of both genders.

The website encourages visitors to "keep looking younger for longer." The procedure content explores many different ways to do just that, with the main menu pointing women and men to content on a host of options to meet their needs.

Satisfied patients share their experience at Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa on the website as well as leading review platforms like Healthgrades. Some patients even appear in high-quality custom videos to tell their stories, giving users the opportunity to see the faces and hear the words of real people who entrusted their appearance to Dr. Panchal.

Customization is a major component of Dr. Panchal's practice philosophy. He has taken this approach to the next level by becoming the first cosmetic surgeon in Oklahoma to adopt 3D virtual reality technology that gives patients the ability to "preview" the results of various procedures. The iconic VR headset appears prominently in the custom website design, and Dr. Panchal discusses the benefits of virtual consultations in a custom video.

Miami Skin & Vein

Dr. Shaun Patel pairs his advanced medical training and his enthusiasm for innovation to deliver a wide range of cosmetic treatments. He also embraces innovation in the digital presentation of his practice, with the new website for Miami Skin & Vein using a mobile-friendly design that presents multiple opportunities for interactivity to engage with prospective patients.

These opportunities for engagement are highlighted throughout the design by splashes of vibrant green and pink that offset the pristine white background. The Miami Skin & Vein office uses the same color scheme as the new website. This, combined with custom photos of Dr. Patel and his team, extends the warm welcome patients experience in real life to the digital realm.

The Miami Skin & Vein website provides multiple examples of real results. The before-and-after gallery shows the visual impact of services ranging from BOTOX to Kybella, while the video gallery takes a dynamic look at Dr. Patel as he performs varied injectable and laser treatments.

Dr. Patel welcomes users to the home page of his new site with the phrase "Take Years Off Your Appearance – No Surgery, No Downtime." The website provides a multifaceted look at non-surgical rejuvenation, with options to continue engaging with Miami Skin & Vein through newsletter emails, multiple social media pages and more.

The Office of Robert S. Feins, M.D., F.A.C.S.

From downloadable forms to pre- and post-op instructions, the New Patients section of the website is a robust resource that helps patients who are new to the practice prepare for plastic surgery. The main menu intuitively points users to additional information about Dr. Feins's background and bios for his team members, as well as procedure-specific content on breast augmentation and other services.

The main menu also guides visitors to the website's before-and-after gallery. This area of the site features pictures of patients who entrusted Dr. Feins with their cosmetic and self-image goals.

The gallery features a diverse range of procedures. The photos include men, women and transgender patients who underwent surgical and non-surgical treatments, from body lift and tummy tuck surgery to BOTOX and injectable fillers.

A number of satisfied patients share their experience with Dr. Feins through online testimonials. In more than one of these reviews, patients describe the life-changing results and experience they have before, during and after plastic surgery with Dr. Feins.

Avalon Lipo & Aesthetics

Pinned unobtrusively at the upper right corner of the site, the menu adopts the format used on mobile devices to provide a seamless experience for users on tablets and smartphones, as well as desktop computers. The menu contains expandable sections providing intuitive access to the cosmetic surgery procedures Dr. Tirgari performs, the types of liposuction at the practice and more.

Also included in the menu are galleries featuring patient testimonials and before-and-after photos. The images demonstrate the fat-shedding effects of liposuction on the stomach, back, neck and other areas of the body.

Graphics linking to these galleries also appear on every page of the site, accompanied by calls-to-action (CTAs) encouraging users to read nearly 40 5-star reviews for Avalon Lipo & Aesthetics on Yelp and discover special offers on liposuction.

Liposuction is a specialized cosmetic surgery procedure, and Dr. Tirgari prides himself on embracing innovative techniques. Visitors to the website can click the CTA linking to his bio page for information on Dr. Tirgari's background, including his direct training with the creator of the tumescent liposuction procedure and multiple certifications in cosmetic procedures.

North Texas Plastic Surgery

Several of the most noticeable next-step graphics on the new website link to the before-and-after gallery. There, visitors can find a wealth of pictures featuring actual results patients of North Texas Plastic Surgery have achieved after undergoing facial, breast or body procedures.

Another gallery hosts custom-made video clips in which Dr. Obaid answers questions about North Texas Plastic Surgery and the procedures he performs. Prospective patients can also access an online 3D plastic surgery simulator and read how North Texas Plastic Surgery is embracing groundbreaking virtual reality technology to simulate the changes of cosmetic procedures when patients visit the practice's offices in Southlake and Plano, Texas.

Like the site-wide banner image, every aspect of the new website – from custom content on procedures and med spa services to bios about the plastic surgeons to information about the Dallas area that the practice calls home – gives users the opportunity to consider options for enhancing their beauty from every angle.

Hundreds of patients have provided ecstatic reviews for Dr. Obaid, excerpts of which appear prominently throughout the website. Overall, this and other features of the new design embody the combination of hands-on care, commitment to innovation and extensive experience that elevates the practice among those seeking cosmetic surgery, non-surgical rejuvenation and reconstructive procedures.

Visit the new website for North Texas Plastic Surgery at to check out this eye-catching design.

Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Hayley Brown makes “Revealing the Real You” the focus of every procedure at her Las Vegas-area practice. Her website redesign emphasizes this message in the home page banner and imagery throughout the site.

Prospective patients can see real results by perusing before-and-after images. Each gallery is organized by the site of surgery and procedure type, with details exploring the patient's characteristics and the treatment she or he received.

Other aspects of the website design keep the user experience real by spotlighting the people at the practice. Dr. Brown herself features prominently in design sections throughout the site, as do photos of the team and the office. Custom videos provide additional opportunities for users to get to know Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center, from FAQs answered by Dr. Brown to patient testimonials to time-lapse footage of plastic surgery procedures.

Comments from actual patients are also a highlight of the new website design. They appear in a rotating slider on the home page and an eye-catching CTA on every page of the website, as well as in several galleries encompassing video content, handwritten notes and online reviews.

JUVA Skin & Laser Center

Dr. Bruce Katz, director of JUVA Skin & Laser Center and board-certified dermatologist, is a longtime subject of international acclaim for his dual emphasis on aesthetic beauty and proven, innovative medical care. With the recent redesign of the JUVA Center website, both of these celebrated aspects of the practice take center stage.

The new home page acts as a staging area for a wide variety of information. Video and print media galleries highlight the coverage Dr. Katz and JUVA have received, while next-step graphics highlight the center's regularly updated specials, events, extensive patient resources and more.

Many of these CTAs appear to users throughout the site. Combined with intuitive, mobile-friendly menus, the structure of the website provides an elegant solution to any user's needs, from finding information about cosmetic concerns to the right treatment and how JUVA Skin & Laser Center can help.

Visuals often say much more than words. Visitors can look through before-and-after galleries for a number of different body sculpting procedures and face and neck treatments for medical conditions and cosmetic complaints. The user-friendly lightbox feature makes it easy to see many results at a glance.

Blair Plastic Surgery

Dr. Robert Louton and Dr. Fanny Louton bring the most advanced plastic surgery procedures and skin care treatments to patients in Central Pennsylvania. Likewise, their redesigned website uses a modern aesthetic and responsive format to engage tech-savvy visitors.

The gallery, for example, models the function of a mobile phone by keeping procedure pictures in an accordion-style menu that allows visitors to pick and choose the before-and-after images they want to see and easily move from one category of treatments to another. Procedure landing pages also integrate before-and-after photos, allowing users to learn about surgeries and skin care while seeing real-life examples just to the right of the text.

The prominent CTAs on the home page (which discreetly hide extensive menus beneath their eye-catching images and brief descriptors) provide a memorable means of navigation. Pages throughout the site harness custom content, high-quality images, and video to educate prospective patients seeking information on a particular procedure.

Urban Skin Solutions

Practice founder and owner Rachel Roff and her team are proud to be Charlotte's leading laser and skin care facility for ethnic skin tones. This commitment to diversity is evident in the imagery throughout the site.

The new design also highlights the lively atmosphere that accompanies the frequent events at Urban Skin Solutions. Custom photos and video take users inside the practice, giving visitors to the website the opportunity to meet actual clients and experience the treatment demonstrations and social ambience at these events.

Urban Skin Solutions prioritizes both affordability and the effectiveness of custom skin treatment. Both of these assets appear prominently in the CTAs linking to educational pages on hair removal, injectables, acne treatment, medical weight loss and more, as well as the next-step graphics for monthly specials that augment the online contact form.

In addition to treating many different skin tones, the Urban Skin Solutions staff also helps clients overcome a wide range of complexion complaints. The Find Your Treatment page is an intuitive resource that points to the multiple options available for common hair, skin, age and weight issues, while the Before & After gallery shows actual results.

Avalon Laser

The colors green and gold communicate vibrancy and luxury. These colors also embody the philosophy of Avalon Laser, an aesthetic practice that emphasizes quality service in a comfortable enivronment with state-of-the-art treatments and technology.

The new Avalon Laser website recently went live. Let's see how the revamped design brings Dr. Reza Tirgari's practice to life:

"You Deserve to Look Your Best." These simple but powerful words welcome visitors to the Avalon Laser home page, and the next-step graphics immediately below the banner direct users to some of Dr. Tirgari's foremost treatment options for skin care, body contouring, and hair removal.

A custom video welcomes potential patients and highlights what sets Avalon Laser apart, while special sections elsewhere on the home page present key aspects of the practice and link to additional multimedia content. These include a brief overview of Dr. Tirgari's background linking to his website bio, a reviews slider, and a CTA for the before-and-after gallery. The rotating reviews feature appears throughout the site, alongside a next-step graphic labeled Patient Information that provides users with an overview of the policies and experience that patients can expect at Avalon Laser.

The website replicates the patient experience vividly through a series of photos accompanying each of the office location pages. Like the site's treatment gallery, these images are presented in a slideshow format that demonstrates the path visitors will take through the office and what they will see as they enter the building, walk the halls, and sit in the rooms.