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Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery

Dr. John Grossman and Dr. Philippe Capraro have had a longtime relationship with Page 1 Solutions. As a result, we are very pleased to unveil many new aspects not only of this website, but of the practice as a whole.

With the new website design, these two board-certified plastic surgeons are debuting a new logo with a new name: Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery. The practice is also home to two other doctors: board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Baker and the most recent addition Dr. Teresa Cunningham.

The launch of a new domain name reflecting the new name accompanies the new website design. Photos of the plastic surgeons appear in abundance, as do custom videos featuring staff and patients alike. Elements connecting the digital space to the actual office are a persisent theme, from original photos featuring the decor to banner images inspired by the high art of which Dr. Grossman is so fond.

The new website for Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery encourages prospective patients to "discover the art of the possible." From the mobile-first functionality to the results in the before-and-after gallery, art comes in many forms on this spectacular new design.

Renue Aesthetic Surgery

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Perez emphasizes personalized care and superior results. The before-and-after gallery on his new website provides many examples of the quality standard at Renue Aesthetic Surgery, with photos of patients who have undergone tummy tuck surgery, nonsurgical skin care, and many procedures in between.

Custom images throughout the website, including the bannners and sections of the home page, feature Dr. Perez and his staff. Visitors who access multiple pages on the site will not only get a tour of the office but also see aspects of different services at Renue Aesthetic Surgery, from breast implants to cosmetic injectables.

Also embedded on many of the procedure pages are educational images designed by Dr. Perez himself to show patients the process and goal of surgeries for the breasts, body, and face. These original illustrations are often complemented by custom infographics that serve as an engaging resource addressing specific questions about key practice areas at Renue Aesthetic Surgery.

Visit the new website for Renue Aesthetic Surgery at today.

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Levi Young's own words greet visitors to the website, a theme that persists throughout the design in a series of custom videos. These clips educate prospective patients so they understand procedures such as breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery.

The before-and-after gallery showcases the results Dr. Young has achieved for women and men via procedures of the breasts, body, and face. Patients share their positive feedback in testimonials featured on the home page and in a dedicated reviews gallery.

Richard H. Lee, MD Plastic Surgery

The website home page features photos of Dr. Lee, his staff, and his office. These images draw atttention to a host of important links and messages, including what to expect at the consultation appointment and the many examples of actual results that Dr. Lee can share.

Dr. Lee's website features an intuitive before-and-after gallery with photos for a wide range of procedures. Images of women and men abound, with specific galleries devoted to breast augmentation, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, and more.

"Renaissance Plastic Surgery" is a key phrase that appears on the home page. Dr. Lee is himself a renaissance man – a dedicated surgeon who is also a passionate artist and musician. The skill and precision required in these fields comes through in the results Dr. Lee achieves for patients, as well as the range of treatments he provides.

Dr. Lee and his in-house aesthetician help patients revitalize their appearance through many different surgical and non-surgical procedures. The new website points prospective patients to content on these treatment options through the main menu and image-driven call-to-action elements on the home page.

Plastic Surgeons of Lexington

As the very first plastic surgery office in its namesake city, Plastic Surgeons of Lexington brings a proud tradition of excellence to patients in eastern and central Kentucky. Custom photography on the website prominently features the current generation of cosmetic surgeons, presenting a personable welcome to a modern and comfortable facility.

Pictures of the surgeons and staff make the wide selection of plastic surgery and skin care services relatable for patients considering aesthetic improvements. Before-and-after photos highlight real results for facial, breast, and body procedures.

The vibrant color scheme of the website combines regal purples with refresing pink hues. The effect is one of both rejuvenation and high-quality – both traits that are visible in the examples of patient care and in the overall aesthetic that welcomes visitors to the website.

Main Line Plastic Surgery

The message that Dr. Raymond Jean delivers to his patients is: "You Are Unique." His new website communicates this exact sentiment and invites patients to explore diverse cosmetic solutions for their individual needs.

Call-to-action graphics on the home page point visitors to content on multiple plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic treatments. The video gallery expands on the details of treatment, from laser neck lift surgery to demonstrations of BOTOX and filler treatment (conducted by Dr. Jean himself!).

The before-and-after gallery images are equally engaging. The photos demonstrate results for a host of procedures and non-surgical injectables. Both men and women appear in the galleries.

The refined color palette uses the silver and slate colors in the Main Line Plastic Surgery logo to highlight important items while maintaining an atmosphere of elegance. The website is consistent with Dr. Jean's office, which employs the same white-and-gray aesthetic to receive patients in an inviting, professional environment.

Scott A. Greenberg, M.D.

A client for more than 10 years, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Greenberg worked closely with Page 1 Solutions on the custom redesign for his Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center website. Employing intuitive navigation and streamlined functionality, the new website points patients to many different surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Dr. Greenberg and his team (including a certified physician assistant and a certified medical aesthetician) highlight results for both types of procedures in the robust before-and-after gallery. Individual galleries are devoted to surgery of the body, breasts, and face, as well as laser skin treatments and premium injectables.

The home page encourages you to "Meet Your Best Self." The Lakemont Plastic Surgery & Laser Center team strives to make the same great first impression with a custom welcome video, a section on care philosophy, and bios for Dr. Greenberg and his P.A. Prospective patients can also learn about the specials available at the practice via a CTA feature included throughout the site.

Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery

With a team of six board-certified plastic surgeons, Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery is a destination in Silicon Valley for quality cosmetic treatment. Situated in scenic Los Altos, California, the office combines rustic charm with a state-of-the-art on-site surgical center. Similarly, the website design pairs a natural-looking aesthetic reminiscent of wood and stone with extensive details on the cosmetic surgery procedures performed at the practice.

Visitors will find information on surgery and skin treatments, as well as testimonials from patients satisfied with their results. The before-and-after galleries on the website highlight some of these results, including photos of breast augmentation, nose reshaping, tummy tucks, and more.

Skill and experience are important when choosing a plastic surgeon. The new website for Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery makes it easy for prospective patients to start educating themselves with the prominent bio section on the home page. Each profile picture links to details about the surgeon's education and training, as well as quotes that exemplify their patient care philosophy.

Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa

The banner photo of a happy young couple strolling on the beach exemplifies the aspirational image Dr. Panchal strives to create for his patients. The same is true of his new website design.

The before-and-after gallery showcases the results Dr. Panchal has achieved through surgery of the face, breasts and body, as well as non-surgical treatments. Patients who peruse the galleries will notice pictures of both women and men, which highlights Dr. Panchal's commitment to providing quality care to patients of both genders.

The website encourages visitors to "keep looking younger for longer." The procedure content explores many different ways to do just that, with the main menu pointing women and men to content on a host of options to meet their needs.

Satisfied patients share their experience at Genesis Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa on the website as well as leading review platforms like Healthgrades. Some patients even appear in high-quality custom videos to tell their stories, giving users the opportunity to see the faces and hear the words of real people who entrusted their appearance to Dr. Panchal.

Customization is a major component of Dr. Panchal's practice philosophy. He has taken this approach to the next level by becoming the first cosmetic surgeon in Oklahoma to adopt 3D virtual reality technology that gives patients the ability to "preview" the results of various procedures. The iconic VR headset appears prominently in the custom website design, and Dr. Panchal discusses the benefits of virtual consultations in a custom video.

Miami Skin & Vein

Dr. Shaun Patel pairs his advanced medical training and his enthusiasm for innovation to deliver a wide range of cosmetic treatments. He also embraces innovation in the digital presentation of his practice, with the new website for Miami Skin & Vein using a mobile-friendly design that presents multiple opportunities for interactivity to engage with prospective patients.

These opportunities for engagement are highlighted throughout the design by splashes of vibrant green and pink that offset the pristine white background. The Miami Skin & Vein office uses the same color scheme as the new website. This, combined with custom photos of Dr. Patel and his team, extends the warm welcome patients experience in real life to the digital realm.

The Miami Skin & Vein website provides multiple examples of real results. The before-and-after gallery shows the visual impact of services ranging from BOTOX to Kybella, while the video gallery takes a dynamic look at Dr. Patel as he performs varied injectable and laser treatments.

Dr. Patel welcomes users to the home page of his new site with the phrase "Take Years Off Your Appearance – No Surgery, No Downtime." The website provides a multifaceted look at non-surgical rejuvenation, with options to continue engaging with Miami Skin & Vein through newsletter emails, multiple social media pages and more.