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Polewski & Associates

Personal attention is a major focus of Mr. Polewski's legal practice. He cares deeply for the well-being of his clients, which is why the home page is designed to highlight the practice philosophy and demonstrate why clients trust the firm.

These aspects include sections highlighting the Polewski & Associates promise to clients, and details about common questions and considerations in personal injury cases. The home page also introduces users to a consistent theme throughout the site – positive reviews from actual clients.

Through text and video, on the reviews gallery or clips posted throughout the site, clients discuss how John Polewski focused not just on the legal details of their case, but how they were dealing with the circumstances of their injury. An excerpt from one of these reviews complements the mini-contact form, praising the firm's honesty and professionalism.

Mr. Polewski has a perfect 10.0 rating on AVVO. He is also certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Each of these and other credentials and accolades is integrated into the design and content of the site, but Polewski & Associates maintains consistent focus on the client, explaining the qualifications in layperson language and avoiding legal jargon.

Reid B. Wissner Law Offices

Personal attention is a priority at Reid B. Wissner Law Offices, and the website design reflects this instantly. The home page banner features a photo of Mr. Wissner reviewing a case alongside his paralegal Estella.

New York is a big city comprising many, many properties. The website highlights Mr. Wissner’s experience with injury cases resulting from slips, trips, falls and other accidents with both a robust practice area page and multiple verdicts and settlements related to premises liability. Users can easily access information about dangerous premises, car accidents and other personal injury claims through a series of next-step graphics.

Reid B. Wissner Law Offices has earned more than just compensation for clients over more than 30 years of practice. The firm has also earned praise from clients, as seen by testimonials in the reviews gallery and integrated in the design of the site.

Clients looking for a lawyer can learn about Mr. Wissner’s background through his bio on the home page. They can also learn about the cases he accepts by perusing the practice areas listed in the menu or watching custom videos that introduce the firm and answer questions about injury law.

Law Offices of Howard D. Silver

Lemon law and other fraud cases are complicated, and many times consumers don't know about their legal options until their bank accounts, credit scores, identities and very lives are already affected. Mr. Silver's website forges rapport with prospective clients through a series of features that quickly communicate expertise while highlighting how he can be of service.

These features include:

     •  Next-step graphics briefly listing key case types (lemon law claims, ID theft, unfair debt collection practices, credit reporting fraud)

     •  Downloadable consumer guides

     •  Video library in which Mr. Silver answers common client questions

The new design is engaging and educational, pairing details of Mr. Silver's background with eye-catching reviews of the representation he has provided to clients. And, once visitors are ready to take the next step and reach the firm to discuss their case, the design makes it easy for consumers to make contact. CTAs (calls-to-action) employing the phone number, online chat and mini-contact form appear prominently throughout the site.

Polewski & Associates - Little Rock, Arkansas

The Little Rock office of Polewski & Associates exclusively tries medical malpractice claims. The firm emphasizes "taking good care of" clients amid the complexities of medical negligence litigation.

The “What You Need to Know” section details key elements of this specialized area of law. By simply hovering the cursor over one of the taglines, users can see how Polewski & Associates helps clients with medical malpractice cases.

The firm's commitment to clients is a key component of the new website design. A review excerpt appears prominently on every page of the site, and the testimonials gallery is enriched with photos of actual people Polewski & Associates has served. Some of these clients also appear in custom videos sharing stories about how the firm provided guidance and support in their time of need.

Medical malpractice takes many different forms. The redesigned home page highlights major examples of negligence involving doctors, hospitals, surgeons and specialists. Visitors who click these next-step graphics can explore the experience Polewski & Associates has in these types of cases.

The Maurer Law Firm, PLLC

Welcoming prospective clients with the message “Winning is the only option,” the custom website redesign for The Maurer Law Firm expands upon principal attorney Ira Maurer's nearly 40 years of experience representing personal injury clients in New York. Mr. Maurer personalizes the user experience with extensive custom videos introducing himself and his firm.

Answers to common personal injury and accident questions are the subject of many of these videos, but Mr. Maurer isn't the only one to appear on camera. Clients of The Maurer Law Firm also share the details of their case and how the practice helped them achieve just compensation for their injuries.

These client stories appear in a different form throughout the new website design. Several of the largest case results achieved by The Maurer Law Firm double as custom CTAs. In addition to providing a snapshot of the firm's more than 1,000 verdicts and settlements, they direct prospective clients to a full Case Results gallery that demonstrates the variety of claims Mr. Maurer has tried – from car crashes to railroad accidents.

Law Offices of Humberto Izquierdo, Jr., PC

Mr. Humberto Izquierdo, Jr., himself appears in the home page banner to welcome visitors to his new website. Other members of the team, including fellow attorneys David Hurtado and Armando Izquierdo as well as the support staff, also appear in imagery on the site, familiarizing potential clients with the people who may be taking their calls.

In addition to knowing the people at the firm, injured workers and personal injury plaintiffs need assurance that their law firm has the capability to achieve justice in their case. Along with informative custom content on the cases Mr. Izquierdo and his team accept, verdicts and settlements information on the home page and the website's dedicated Case Results gallery demonstrate the recoveries the firm has won on behalf of clients in serious accident claims.

Next-step graphics on the home page direct visitors to educational material about major case types, including several long-format pages on workers' compensation, car accidents and wrongful death. For users who are ready to move forward with their claim, the website offers multiple means to do just that, including prominent placement of the phone number, a convenient online contact form and an eye-catching chat agent. The entire site uses a mobile-responsive design that adjusts the display to fit any desktop screen or mobile device.

Shapiro & Sternlieb, LLC

From criminal defense to personal injury to discrimination litigation, New Jersey attorneys Gary Shapiro and David Sternlieb have experience serving a wide spectrum of clients. The new law firm website represents this diverse focus visually through prominent home page CTAs guiding users to custom content on cases ranging from auto accidents to sexual harassment lawsuits.

The partners at Shapiro & Sternlieb care about their clients. To communicate this to online visitors, they make personalization a major theme of their new website design. This is evident in the custom photography throughout the site featuring the lawyers, as well as the bios on the home page introducing the attorneys and contextualizing their experience in straightforward, understandable language.

Banners throughout the site attest that, at Shapiro & Sternlieb, "Justice Is Our Trademark." This slogan comes to life on galleries spotlighting the firm's financial recoveries in injury and accident claims and testimonials from thankful clients praising the firm's professionalism, understanding and guidance in complicated legal matters.

James H. Shoemaker, Jr. – Attorney at Law

Achieving justice is the highest goal for any case in the legal system. Justice can take a variety of different forms, as exemplified by attorney James Shoemaker's new website.

In addition to accepting personal injury cases, Mr. Shoemaker focuses an extensive portion of his practice on employment law and protection for whistleblowers. This emphasis is communicated visually through next-step graphics on the home page, in addition to language in the banner that highlights the attorney's mission to protect workers and professionals.

Mr. Shoemaker has been a partner at the Virginia law firm of Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein for more than 20 years. Custom imagery of the attorney and the PWHD office in Newport News, as well as the dual logos at the top of the site, show Mr. Shoemaker's connection to this prestigious legal practice.

Mr. Shoemaker's experience in employment and False Claims Act litigation is evident in the Case Results section of his new website. The recoveries near the bottom of the page preview a gallery with extensive detail on the complex cases Mr. Shoemaker has successfully resolved on behalf of professionals in matters including wrongful termination, racial and sexual discrimination, retaliation for whistleblowing and more.

Jensen Law Firm

Appearing prominently on the home page for this North Central Arizona practice is the “Why Choose Jensen Law Firm” section. Augmenting the custom text in this block is a full photo of founding attorney Chris Jensen and firm partner Sean Phelan standing in front of evergreen trees commonly found in the Prescott area.

The color green plays a prominent role on the website, drawing attention to a number of engagement elements. These include calls-to-action (CTAs) linking to pages on prominent case types, including truck and auto accidents, defective products, and nursing home abuse, as well as the embedded mini-contact form on every page.

Perhaps the most eye-catching element of the Jensen Law Firm website is the Real Case Example feature that appears on pages for which lawyers at the firm have achieved significant recoveries. These components combine details of the case – including the circumstances and the outcome – with attention-grabbing graphics to familiarize users with the Jensen Law Firm’s history of success in a digestible format.

Copple, Rockey, McKeever & Schlecht P.C., L.L.O.

The domain name for this Nebraska law firm is With more than 120 years of combined legal experience, the firm demonstrates its standout qualities through a number of easily accessible features on the new website.

The first image visitors generally see when accessing the site is a photo of all seven of the firm’s attorneys. Below this banner image is a group of CTAs encapsulating the broad variety of different cases accepted by these lawyers, from personal injury claims to healthcare law.

Clients of Copple, Rockey, McKeever & Schlecht share their great experiences with the firm through the website, and these testimonials are highlighted in the design through a slider that users can move to the left or right to read what satisfied clients had to say. This component is visible on every page of the website.

Another sliding feature on the home page makes it easy for visitors to learn more about the attorneys at the firm. Displaying high-quality profile photos and teaser text, clicking “learn more” in this section gives a full account of the lawyer’s experience, areas of practice, and more.