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Portner & Shure

With 25 office locations, multiple languages spoken and millions of dollars in recoveries, Portner & Shure is capable of serving clients in multiple ways. The new website design reflects these capabilities while maintaining a mobile-friendly user experience.

The home page uses a series of CTAs to direct visitors to key practice areas, from auto accident and other injury litigation to criminal defense. Other components, such as the Meet Our Team carousel, highlight the experience of the attorneys at Portner & Shure, while the Verdicts & Settlements section and home page banner provide insight into the firm's history of success.

With its established presence in the Washington Metropolitan Area/DMV, Portner & Shure recognizes that multilingual support is a key element of serving diverse populations of clients effectively. The design emphasizes this through links at the top of the site that give users the option to translate pages into their language of choice, as well as multiple testimonials from clients satisfied by the firm's ability to handle their case by overcoming a language barrier.

Shapiro & Sternlieb, LLC

From criminal defense to personal injury to discrimination litigation, New Jersey attorneys Gary Shapiro and David Sternlieb have experience serving a wide spectrum of clients. The new law firm website represents this diverse focus visually through prominent home page CTAs guiding users to custom content on cases ranging from auto accidents to sexual harassment lawsuits.

The partners at Shapiro & Sternlieb care about their clients. To communicate this to online visitors, they make personalization a major theme of their new website design. This is evident in the custom photography throughout the site featuring the lawyers, as well as the bios on the home page introducing the attorneys and contextualizing their experience in straightforward, understandable language.

Banners throughout the site attest that, at Shapiro & Sternlieb, "Justice Is Our Trademark." This slogan comes to life on galleries spotlighting the firm's financial recoveries in injury and accident claims and testimonials from thankful clients praising the firm's professionalism, understanding and guidance in complicated legal matters.

James H. Shoemaker, Jr. – Attorney at Law

Achieving justice is the highest goal for any case in the legal system. Justice can take a variety of different forms, as exemplified by attorney James Shoemaker's new website.

In addition to accepting personal injury cases, Mr. Shoemaker focuses an extensive portion of his practice on employment law and protection for whistleblowers. This emphasis is communicated visually through next-step graphics on the home page, in addition to language in the banner that highlights the attorney's mission to protect workers and professionals.

Mr. Shoemaker has been a partner at the Virginia law firm of Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein for more than 20 years. Custom imagery of the attorney and the PWHD office in Newport News, as well as the dual logos at the top of the site, show Mr. Shoemaker's connection to this prestigious legal practice.

Mr. Shoemaker's experience in employment and False Claims Act litigation is evident in the Case Results section of his new website. The recoveries near the bottom of the page preview a gallery with extensive detail on the complex cases Mr. Shoemaker has successfully resolved on behalf of professionals in matters including wrongful termination, racial and sexual discrimination, retaliation for whistleblowing and more.

Canter Law

At Canter Law, compassionate and personalized service is a priority. The firm integrated the message of honesty and one-on-one attention throughout its new website, starting with the home page banner.

The initial image is emblematic of what prospective clients might see when they visit the practice in person – principle attorney Eric Canter prepared to listen to the visitor’s story and provide assistance. Eye-catching imagery plays a key role throughout the redesigned Canter Law website, with aspects that set the firm apart and case types being communicated through compelling graphics and photos. Assistance for crash victims begins even before users go deeper within the site via the scrolling “5 Things You Should Do after a Car Crash” feature.

Canter Law recognizes that advances in technology make it possible for the team to help users well before they come to the office or even dial a phone number. The website uses a responsive format compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices, complete with a mini-contact form embedded on each page and online chat functionality enabled site-wide.

Jensen Law Firm

Appearing prominently on the home page for this North Central Arizona practice is the “Why Choose Jensen Law Firm” section. Augmenting the custom text in this block is a full photo of founding attorney Chris Jensen and firm partner Sean Phelan standing in front of evergreen trees commonly found in the Prescott area.

The color green plays a prominent role on the website, drawing attention to a number of engagement elements. These include calls-to-action (CTAs) linking to pages on prominent case types, including truck and auto accidents, defective products, and nursing home abuse, as well as the embedded mini-contact form on every page.

Perhaps the most eye-catching element of the Jensen Law Firm website is the Real Case Example feature that appears on pages for which lawyers at the firm have achieved significant recoveries. These components combine details of the case – including the circumstances and the outcome – with attention-grabbing graphics to familiarize users with the Jensen Law Firm’s history of success in a digestible format.

Copple, Rockey, McKeever & Schlecht P.C., L.L.O.

The domain name for this Nebraska law firm is With more than 120 years of combined legal experience, the firm demonstrates its standout qualities through a number of easily accessible features on the new website.

The first image visitors generally see when accessing the site is a photo of all seven of the firm’s attorneys. Below this banner image is a group of CTAs encapsulating the broad variety of different cases accepted by these lawyers, from personal injury claims to healthcare law.

Clients of Copple, Rockey, McKeever & Schlecht share their great experiences with the firm through the website, and these testimonials are highlighted in the design through a slider that users can move to the left or right to read what satisfied clients had to say. This component is visible on every page of the website.

Another sliding feature on the home page makes it easy for visitors to learn more about the attorneys at the firm. Displaying high-quality profile photos and teaser text, clicking “learn more” in this section gives a full account of the lawyer’s experience, areas of practice, and more.

Hayes Law

The banner on the new Hayes Law website immediately tells visitors that the firm isn’t afraid to accept difficult claims. However, tough doesn’t mean inaccessible – something clearly evident in the site’s custom photos, which emphasize a hands-on approach to serving clients.

Attorneys and staff appear in pictures throughout the website to highlight the accessibility of the Hayes Law team. A featured review on the home page praises this exact attribute.

A lantern is the symbol of Hayes Law, and the website strives to shine a light on practice area information as well as what plaintiffs can expect from the firm. Next-step graphics throughout the site direct visitors to pages on prominent case types, and the online Video Studio features animated clips exploring the personal injury claims process and how Hayes Law can help.

Green Savits, LLC

As employment law attorneys, the law firm of Green Savits projects a professional image that speaks to prospective clients. Elements of the design highlight the firm’s expertise on employee advocacy – from a site-wide Verdicts & Settlements section to practice area CTAs on the home page – but the pictures of the attorneys stand out most prominently.

Lawyers at Green Savits frequently update the information on their website with developments in the realm of employment law. In addition to finding out what the attorneys know, prospective clients can also see the people who will be handling their case.

Four virtues drive advocacy at this New Jersey law firm: Expertise, Leadership, Credibility, and Results. Green Savits creates a visual emphasis on each of these values via this website redesign.

Duncan Firm, P.A.

Longtime client Duncan Firm lives by a simple but powerful maxim: "Compassion for People, Passion for Justice." During its website redesign, this Arkansas legal practice made it a goal to highlight the personal connection the attorneys and staff strive to forge with injured people.

Here is a look at how the new custom redesign communicates the Duncan Firm's identity.

Custom photography features prominently throughout the redesigned Duncan Firm website. Images of the attorneys, staff, and their office appear in multiple key locations.

This theme begins with the dramatic outdoor shot of the firm's Little Rock headquarters that adorns the home page. Banners on the internal pages take users inside the office, highlighting the team who represents and works on behalf of personal injury plaintiffs. The "Who We Are" section of the home page offers visitors brief bios of the team members and the opportunity to click and learn more about their backgrounds.

The home page also spotlights some of the major cases Duncan Firm accepts. These next-step graphics use high-quality photos and custom text to draw the eye to select practice areas, explain briefly how the firm can help injured people in the scenarios, then direct them to more specific information.

Duncan Firm introduces a dynamic visual element to the redesigned website via the video section on each page. Titled "How We Do What We Do," this element introduces the firm's custom video library, including client testimonials, media coverage, a look at the practice's injury and accident investigation process, and advertisements featuring founder Phillip Duncan.

Verdicts and settlements are a key element of any legal website design. Duncan Firm used the redesign as an opportunity to transform information generally comprising just numbers into a visual focal point for the site. Headlining the Jury Verdicts section are three custom images showing the attorneys at the firm collaborating together. Below these pictures are custom text discussing the cases in which Duncan Firm achieved multi-million-dollar victories for clients, while sandwiched in between is the eye-popping figure.

Anti Fraud Law Group at Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein

Fraud is a complex area of law. The Anti Fraud Law Group of Virginia legal practice Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein (PWHD) made simplicity a key element of the new Web design in order to engage users and provide an intuitive browsing experience.

Here’s how this legal website transformed the complexities of whistleblower litigation into an engaging and accessible design:

Fraud comes in many forms, and the practice website highlights some of the major sources of malfeasance through compelling next-step graphics. These CTAs create visual associations illustrating the often commonplace origins of the billions of dollars in losses federal and state governments incur as a result of fraudulent activities.

Whistleblowers stand to gain a significant percentage of a successful fraud recovery, and this detail is highlighted in the design via the Verdicts & Settlements section. Each result features a brief description of the circumstances of the case and the role of qui tam attorneys at PWHD.

Bios for the firm’s anti-fraud attorneys appear in a gallery on the home page. The section briefly introduces each lawyer’s background and provides a link to read more about their education and experience.

An austere color scheme comprising shades of black, gray, and blue creates a consistent visual tone for the website. The aesthetic communicates both the seriousness of fraud and the dedicated, professional approach the Anti Fraud Law Group uses to represent whistleblowers.