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Arlington Dental Aesthetics and South Riding Smiles

These dual dental offices serve cosmetic and family dentistry patients in Northern Virginia. The imagery on the website reflects this balance through the comfortable tagline "A Dental Office That Feels Like Home," combined with original, high-quality pictures of multiple patients.

Perhaps the homiest feature on the website is the intro video that takes visitors inside the office and brings them face-to-face with the dentists. Patients of Arlington Dental Aesthetics and South Riding Smiles also introduce themselves through reviews that praise their experience. These testimonials appear prominently in the design, catching the eye and directing users to key areas of the website.

One of these key areas is the Smile Gallery, which showcases what quality dental care can do. Visitors have access to a series of stunning portraits of satisfied patients showing off their new smiles. Many of these images add authenticity to practice area content, appearing in next-step graphics on the home page and to the right of body text to remind users of the possibilities of dental treatment.

Community content encompassing both offices provides further authenticity on the new site. Patients in the South Riding and Arlington areas can see how the practice gets involved and connects with local patients and families.

Paul P. Binon DDS MSD

Dr. Paul Binon is a prosthodontist, a dental specialty recognized by the ADA. Prosthodontists specialize in the restoration and replacement of lost teeth. Dr. Binon's knowledge and skill inform each aspect of his new website.

The focus on prosthodontics is immediately visible in the next-step graphics on the home page. Featuring advanced procedures such as dental implants, complex dental restorations and full mouth reconstructions, each graphic links to a detailed practice area page filled with extensive information.

Also prominently positioned on the home page is a link to the website's before-and-after gallery. Organized by procedure, the images in this section are easy to sort and provide visual proof of the impact of custom, comprehensive solutions for tooth replacement.

Appreciative patients share their stories of how Dr. Binon and his team corrected their dental woes through video and in written reviews on the new website. One of these testimonials features prominently on the home page, calling Dr. Binon "the best" – a fitting complement to the nearby section describing the prosthodontist's more than 40 years of experience.

Scott Greenhalgh, DDS

Dr. Scott Greenhalgh opted for a modern aesthetic when updating the look and feel of his website. This philosophy is best exemplified by the custom grid layout of several areas of the design.

Patient engagement is important to Dr. Greenhalgh, whether it's in-person, on the website or on social media. The new Dental FAQ page uses the appearance and language of social media to address some of the common concerns patients have about visiting the dentist and explain how Dr. Greenhalgh and his team are different. Dr. Greenhalgh even created his own hashtag on Twitter – #HateAboutTheDentist – to encourage patients to submit their own questions.

The website's Smile Gallery also uses grid functionality to display sample patient results. Visitors can check out before-and-after images for specific satisfied patients or view results for specific procedures like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and more.

Every smile tells a story, which is why each gallery contains not just photos but a brief bio outlining the patient's needs and the treatment Dr. Greenhalgh provided. The website design expands these stories with multiple testimonials, custom videos featuring Dr. Greenhalgh and his team and extensive information about services at the practice.

Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry

Many of the images on Dr. John Schmid's dental website are pictures of actual patients. These one-of-a-kind photos add unique personality to key sections such as the home page and the Before and After Gallery.

While the home page banner invites prospective patients to “Transform Your Smile Today,” the before-and-after photos demonstrate the possibilities at Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry. Organized equally by procedure type and the cosmetic issues addressed, visitors who peruse the galleries can see multiple examples of Dr. Schmid's aesthetic care.

Patient education is also important at Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry, which is why custom videos featuring Dr. Schmid and Office Manager Bobbi Schmid tell patients things they should know about some of their most popular procedures, as well as the overall experience at their modern dental office in Austin, Texas.

Multiple aspects of the website highlight key details of the patient experience. The new design helps users know what to expect at Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry through features like prominent review excerpts and graphics spotlighting Saturday appointment availability, as well as a call-to-action button that tells patients about Dr. Schmid's unique promise to his porcelain veneers patients: a 5-year free replacement guarantee in the event of damage.

Ronald W. Konig, DDS

The face welcoming visitors to Dr. Konig's new-look website is Crystle Stewart, an actress, model and Miss USA 2008 who trusted Dr. Konig with her star-quality smile. Pages throughout the site feature custom photos of actual patients who are ecstatic with the cosmetic, restorative and neuromuscular care Dr. Konig has provided them. This custom imagery is integrated in many forms, from before-and-after galleries to CTAs. Some patients' stories even come to life in the form of video testimonials.

In addition to quality dental treatment, Dr. Konig is enthusiastic about sharing insights from his advanced and ongoing education with potential patients. The website is designed to be both informative and easy to read, with the layout automatically adjusting to accommodate users on any computer or mobile device. Many pages also feature clickable CTAs that give patients thinking about dental treatment the opportunity to download custom PDFs exploring diagnosis, care options and more in greater detail.

Dr. Konig recognizes that dental treatment can be intimidating. In addition to reducing anxiety through patient education, the website also features a Virtual Office Tour that walks visitors through what they will see when they arrive for an appointment. Dr. Konig tells patients what they can expect when they meet with him, as well – a caring conversation about their needs and goals with comprehensive discussion of treatment options utilizing advanced technology and techniques.

Love Brushing Dentistry

Houston pediatric dentist Dr. Sanaz Khavari is passionate about dental care for kids. With its vibrant color scheme and friendly images of the staff, the new Love Brushing Dentistry website translates the warm, inviting office to the online medium.

Custom photos add personality to every page of the new website, bringing life to the banners as well as the rotating patient reviews carousel on the home page. The dynamic blog feed also uses high-quality imagery to grab visitors' attention and direct them toward educational content on frequently asked questions and dental health tips.

Parents and kids need to be able to trust their dentist, and Dr. Khavari strives to earn that trust by pairing the fun aesthetic of her office with extensive information about procedures for children and adults. Practice area pages are accessible via the main menu (which travels with the user anywhere on the page) and eye-catching CTAs on the home page.

Nevada Dental Esthetics

For Dr. Paez, exceeding expectations is the mission of his practice. That same mindset is apparent throughout the practice website itself.

A rich but understated color scheme combines golds and browns with splashes of maroon to create a sense of both luxury and relaxation. This mirrors the atmosphere of the office, photos of which appear on the website. Additional personalization elements include the image of staff member Leidy in the mini-contact form throughout the site, as well as a profile picture of Dr. Paez on the home page. The quote accompanying this photo introduces visitors to Nevada Dental Esthetics, building the relationship with each patient that Dr. Paez values even before they come to the office.

Users who want to learn about the relationship Dr. Paez has with his patients can find scores of 5-star reviews on the website. A site-wide carousel feature highlights several testimonials in an immediately engaging fashion, providing another dimension of the patient experience in the words of those who have received treatment at the practice.

The Office of Dr. Bellisario

The practice website for Dr. Jeffrey Bellisario expertly balances color. Juxtaposing tranquil blues and dark grays with a vivid mix of hues in the banners and CTAs, visitors who navigate the site will enjoy a sumptuous visual experience.

The portion of the site into which many users will sink their teeth is the before-and-after landing page. Next-step graphics draw the eye to procedure-specific galleries encompassing a diverse range of patients.

The home page adopts the same CTA style to provide a convenient overview of key services offered by Dr. Bellisario. Visitors can read about the dentist in a special section lower on the page, as well as see what patients have to say in a site-wide reviews block.

Users can also see what patients see by accessing the Office Tour page. A series of high-quality images walks the visitor through the experience of stepping inside The Office of Doctor Bellisario, from the lobby to the waiting room to the exam room.

Dr. Bellisario has won a number of Top Doctor accolades from publications in the Main Line region of Pennsylvania. These awards are featured throughout the site in an interactive slider. With a click of the mouse or the swipe of the screen, visitors can see the multiple years of accolades.

Orange Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

Through more than 30 years of serving the Southern California area, Dr. Joseph Henry has earned the trust of many patients. His Before & After Gallery is filled with images featuring a number of examples, and the new design for his practice website showcases this trust and commitment to satisfaction through the inclusion of actual patients in all of the online banners.

Many of the galleries feature not only images but patients describing their experience with Orange Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. The redesigned website strives to enhance accessibility by complementing the stunning patient photo on the home page with a series of CTAs linking to information on some of the most popular services Dr. Henry offers.

Several features combine custom content, high-quality images, and original video to tell visitors what sets Orange Center for Cosmetic Dentistry apart. The Meet Dr. Henry section outlines the principal dentist’s experience – including his tenure as clinical instructor for LVI – while 4 Things That Make Us Different expands upon his background with a series of digestible, mobile-friendly taglines.

Videos are also embedded on several landing pages for major practice areas. In these brief clips, Dr. Henry discusses his approach to different dental treatments in patient-friendly terms.

Crystal Family Dental Care

In nature, crystals are renowned for their luster and the incredible shapes they attain. Illinois dentist Dr. Preetinder Sandhu applies the principles of beauty and uniqueness not only to her patients’ smiles but her new practice website as well.

An eye-catching tile design underlies multiple aspects of the Crystal Family Dental Care website. This pattern appears in the home page and internal banners, as well as the section introducing Dr. Sandhu. The same distinctive shape appears as a series of CTAs providing not only convenient links to the landing pages for leading dental services but also custom descriptions of the treatment Dr. Sandhu offers.

Sticky menus also make navigation easy, with the prominent areas of the site always accessible at the top of the screen. CTAs linking to the content on discounts, insurance coverage, and financing appear on every page, as does a special section spotlighting patient reviews.

Patient reviews often comment on Dr. Sandhu’s gentle demeanor when interacting with adults and children. The color scheme on the site uses earth tones to emulate the warm, comfortable environment that Crystal Family Dental Care strives to create for each patient.