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Meadows Dental Group

Images of family occur frequently in the design of the website. This includes the expected pictures of parents and kids as well as photos of the Meadows Dental Group family – the experienced dentists and longtime staff members who form lasting rapports with their patients. These custom images, combined with the woody brown and green colors so emblematic of the Colorado landscape, create a comfortable feeling that connects the office and the space outside to create an inviting and representative aesthetic.

Real patient photos in the Smile Gallery are a centerpiece of both the main menu and the user experience. These images illustrate the dramatic difference high-quality restorations and cosmetic dentistry can make for patients' smiles. Before-and-after pictures are organized by treatment type, with examples including crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, dentures, emergency care, and more.

Meadows Dental Group is a partnership between Dr. Joseph O'Leary and Dr. Scott Peppler. Both doctors prominently feature in the staff imagery, and patients who want to learn more about the dentists can access bio information in the "Meet Our Dentists" section of the home page. Meanwhile, visitors who want to learn what patients have to say about these dentists and their team can easily access the reviews page, which features testimonials referencing the quality of treatment and comfortable care at Meadows Dental Group.

Highpoint Dental Care

Dr. Merril Rowe and Dr. Justin Baltz work together to make patients feel comfortable and deliver outstanding results. Custom photos throughout the site show both dentists providing dental implants, same-day crowns, and other advanced services. The lively visual tour of the office continues with candid pictures of the entire staff.

Mobile-first website design means that text, images, and other assets must fit any screen size. The Highpoint Dental Care website emphasizes key practice area information, patient reviews, and more through a series of digestible headers and image captions that promote clear navigation and easy readability.

The website is home to multiple patient reviews sharing detailed stories of the good work performed by Dr. Rowe, Dr. Baltz, and the entire Highpoint Dental Care team. However, a single-sentence review featured on every page highlights the patient experience succinctly and effectively:

"I would NEVER dream of going anywhere else ever again."


Bromley Park Dental

This Colorado dental office emphasizes hands-on care both in its patient philosophy and the new website design. Custom office photos appear on multiple pages of the website. These images highlight the friendly, caring attitude of the dentists and staff.

The team at Bromley Park Dental realizes that successful children's dentistry requires building trust with both parents and kids. The new website design points users to information on services for patients of all ages. In addition to bright images of kid-friendly amenities, next-step graphics on the home page direct visitors to pages on everything from family and emergency dental care to Invisalign and dental implants.

Patient reviews on the new Bromley Park Dental website highlight how long patients have been visiting the practice. Several patients leave testimonials as a family, with the featured review on the home page praising founding dentist Dr. Ian Paisley for the care he has provided for two generations. That review ends with these words: "We won't go to anyone else."

Warr Dental

The first word in the website banner is "Personalized." That is a fitting description for the new design of the Warr Dental website.

Different kinds of custom content are the standout elements of the site. These include before-and-after galleries, patient reviews, and video testimonials – all featuring the words, images, and even on-camera presence of real people who were ecstatic about the results Dr. Warr and his team achieved for them. One patient shares her story on the home page, telling visitors how Warr Dental helped her overcome insecurity and realize her smile goals.

Other aspects of personalization in the new website design include the CTA highlighting the practice's flexible scheduling. The patient experience also comes through via a 3D tour of the office and home page graphics previewing the many services available at Warr Dental. As an LVI dentist, Dr. Warr has extensive training in multiple disciplines, including cosmetic, TMJ, and family dentistry, as well as sleep apnea treatment.

Warr Dental puts client satisfaction first. Page 1 Solutions is proud to earn the satisfaction of a longtime client with the custom website redesign of

Montane Dental Care

Dr. Jorge Montane is focused on the comfort of his patients. His reputation for friendly service and gentle treatment has earned him the moniker "No-Pain Montane" among patients in the Bay Area – some of whom travel from miles away for appointments at his office in Fremont, California.

The new design emphasizes this philosophy of dental care in several ways. The home page banner immediately engages visitors with the tagline "Pain-Free Dentistry." Images throughout the website feature patients of all ages, highlighting the family focus of Montane Dental Care.

Call-to-action graphics and the intuitive menu navigation also show Dr. Montane's skill with cosmetic dentistry treatments including veneers, teeth whitening and more. Infographics and branded imagery communicate the value of these treatments in a fast, engaging format while providing users with digestible page breaks for the informative practice area pages.

Patient reviews on the website emphasize both the standard of care and the friendliness of the entire team. Multiple patients have been visiting Dr. Montane for many years and even several generations, giving Montane Dental Care the feeling of a hometown dentist office.

5 Star Dental Group

San Antonio dentist Dr. Craig Carlson's custom website design is highly personable. The new website uses a host of compelling visuals – before-and-after photos, original video, custom visual content – to show prospective patients how 5 Star Dental Group earns its name.

Images of real patients pop up in multiple places in the new design, from the banners to the CTAs to the Smile Gallery. This latter section provides proof of Dr. Carlson's skill and 40 years of experience as a cosmetic dentist, highlighting his work with treatments like porcelain veneers, tooth-colored restorations and smile makeovers.

Dr. Carlson's work speaks for itself, but he uses custom video as a means of connecting personally with prospective patients and introducing them to porcelain veneers and other treatments. A personal touch is a major component of the 5 Star Dental Group website; it is also frequently the subject of praise among patients who share their experience online.

One such review features front and center in the home page banner. The tagline for 5 Star Dental Group is "Changing Lives by Changing Smiles," and patient Nancy P. describes how Dr. Carlson did just that for her.

Dental Studio
Effective dental websites create an experience that resonates with current patients and invites newcomers to make an appointment. The new DENTAL STUDIO website makes extensive use of photos inside the office and of Dr. Cornehl and his team, providing visitors with proof of the warm welcome each patient receives when they arrive.
The custom picture of the view onto Union Square in the home page banner doubles as an opportunity for users to learn about current specials. Dr. Cornehl updates the "Limited Time Offers" section below the banner with announcements on savings for teeth whitening and other dental services.
DENTAL STUDIO is located in a tech-savvy city, and the new design caters to users accessing the website from a host of different devices. The sticky menu that travels with visitors as they scroll down a page assists with navigation, while the content is organized in a digestible format. Engaging elements like next-step graphics highlight select cosmetic, implant and preventative services at a glance, while the reviews section exemplifies the long-term relationships and trust Dr. Cornehl forges with patients.
Softouch Dental Care

Images and video of principal dentist Dr. Michael Chung and his team appear frequently throughout the redesigned website. Dr. Chung prides himself on creating a spa-like atmosphere for patients, and pictures of the office are also integrated into the new aesthetic. These features work together to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that helps users get familiar with the practice from the first click.

Photos of actual patients are also an essential element of the updated design. Several sections are labeled "Smile created by Dr. Chung," affording multiple opportunities for users to see actual results Dr. Chung has achieved through cosmetic dentistry and other procedures.

Dr. Chung is an LVI Fellow, and he has shared his knowledge of advanced dental treatment with local media in the areas of Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. The video gallery highlights interviews with Dr. Chung and original clips created by the practice, while another page shares audio from the dentist's appearances on a medical radio program broadcasting to the Washington metro area.

Arlington Dental Aesthetics and South Riding Smiles

These dual dental offices serve cosmetic and family dentistry patients in Northern Virginia. The imagery on the website reflects this balance through the comfortable tagline "A Dental Office That Feels Like Home," combined with original, high-quality pictures of multiple patients.

Perhaps the homiest feature on the website is the intro video that takes visitors inside the office and brings them face-to-face with the dentists. Patients of Arlington Dental Aesthetics and South Riding Smiles also introduce themselves through reviews that praise their experience. These testimonials appear prominently in the design, catching the eye and directing users to key areas of the website.

One of these key areas is the Smile Gallery, which showcases what quality dental care can do. Visitors have access to a series of stunning portraits of satisfied patients showing off their new smiles. Many of these images add authenticity to practice area content, appearing in next-step graphics on the home page and to the right of body text to remind users of the possibilities of dental treatment.

Community content encompassing both offices provides further authenticity on the new site. Patients in the South Riding and Arlington areas can see how the practice gets involved and connects with local patients and families.

Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry

The home page video on the new Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry website aims to put prospective patients at ease. In the clip, the namesake doctors at the practice describe their lifelong passion for dentistry and reveal how comprehensive care, advanced technology, sedation and a friendly team can help patients feel comfortable during their visit.

Visitors can also read bios for each dentist and access content on a wide range of services via next-step graphics. The reviews slider adorns not only the home page but the entire site, providing multiple engagement and interactivity opportunities.

Each testimonial features a photo of the patient who left the review. In addition to a snapshot of their smile, this image is the perfect complement to the account of quality, trust and reliability these patients describe when writing about their experience with Stephens & Gatewood Dentistry.

There is perhaps no better representation of quality than the length of time each featured patient has been visiting the practice – from 15 years to 2 generations.