Custom Video Production for Cosmetic Practices

Video Marketing for Plastic Surgeons, Doctors & Medical Estheticians

Patients considering plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment search for information to build confidence in their decision. Ultimately, they will select a surgeon or practice who educates them and builds their trust.

No marketing option builds trust like online video. Videos give you the ability to introduce your practice, discuss your priority procedures, and show users who you are.

Video combines effectively with multiple marketing strategies to improve your ability to rank on the first page of search results, amplify your message to patients, build your reputation, and generate more high-quality leads. Ultimately, multi-channel marketing converts leads into patients and generates more revenue for your practice

Page 1 Solutions can help you build a custom video library to enrich marketing efforts on and off of your website. For a free evaluation, please call us at 303-233-3886.

Why Should I Use Plastic Surgery Videos?

Videos are one of the most hotly consumed types of content on the Internet. From YouTube to Snapchat, the possibilities presented by video are nearly limitless.

By marketing your practice through videos, you will stand out in the minds of your potential patients. Appearing in front of the camera to discuss questions, concerns and benefits of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments - not to mention what sets you and your team apart - forges an immediate connection with users.

Custom videos have other benefits:

  • SEO: Videos can be optimized like a Web page; pages with embedded videos are 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of search results, and video clips themselves often appear high in rankings for user queries
  • Website performance: Users spend up to twice as long on Web pages with embedded video as those without; increased time on page, reduced bounce rate and clicks to multiple pages in a single visit all send positive signals to Google, too
  • Engagement: Only a fraction of users will read all of the content on a Web page; if the page has a video, though, these same users are much more likely to watch the entire clip, improving their understanding of both the procedure and your practice

At Page 1 Solutions, we help you develop videos for your practice that engage prospective patients and, ultimately, convert them into real leads and cases.

Shooting Cosmetic Surgery Video

Patients often find your practice through the queries they enter into the search engine. YouTube is now the second most popular search engine worldwide, so addressing common questions like the following can help your practice stand out:

  • How can [procedure X] help me?
  • What’s involved in [procedure X]?
  • Should I choose [procedure X] or [procedure Y]?
  • How can I achieve best results from my plastic surgery?
  • What does board certification mean?

You can also film a custom video that welcomes users to your website and describes highlights of your philosophy, your patient care, your team and your facility. Ultimately, each clip should tell users who you are - some of our plastic surgeons and med spas have even taken their own cameras into the operating room or treatment center to show potential patients how they perform certain procedures!

How Do I Shoot Custom Video?

Page 1 Solutions invites you to visit our professional studio for your video shoot, or we can dispatch a videographer to your office. We have extensive experience producing custom video, and we will guide you through the process.

Our team manages all aspects of production, including professional:

  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Cinematography
  • Script (this text can display on a teleprompter so you can follow along during the shoot - no need to memorize your lines!)
  • Editing

During the post-production process, we refine the footage you shot into a polished final product. Our team customizes videos with:

  • The logo for your practice
  • Graphics displaying your name, qualifications, website and phone number
  • Footage of your office, including staff and (with consent) patients
  • Narration (male and female voiceover options are available)
  • Copyright-free music

All videos are shot in high-definition. You own both the video library and raw footage at the end of the shoot.

Video Marketing Options for Cosmetic Surgeons

HD video is a major marketing asset. Your Internet Marketing Consultant can discuss options for gaining exposure for your practice through video.

Options include:

Website Updates:

An intro video is a perfect complement to your website design. You can also use procedure-specific videos to augment the content on your practice area pages. These video clips can educate patients about surgeries such as breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift and more, and encourage them to contact your office.

You can also make videos a key part of your content strategy. Writers at Page 1 Solutions often create custom blog posts that highlight video clips answering a common cosmetic surgery question or addressing the client’s area of expertise.

Social Media:

Video content is exploding on social media, and our Social Media Specialists can help you capitalize on this trend. Your custom videos add an extra engagement tool to your profile on Facebook and other leading social networking platforms.

Many potential patients will find you on social media, and they want to find out for themselves why they should pick your practice over a competitor. Video makes it possible for users to experience your practice, rather than simply reading about it.

Video Advertising:

Page 1 Solutions works extensively with ad networks to drive users on other websites to our clients. One option for expanding your visibility is pre-roll video advertising.

Based on their online behavior, preferences and demographic details, qualified users see your ad prior to watching a video on sites like YouTube. Because the ad runs before a video, it’s important that your clip is short, memorable, persuasive -- all of which Page 1 can help you achieve!

Get Started with Video Marketing

Please download our video marketing checklist to see if custom video is a good option for driving traffic to your website and generating leads and cases for your practice. Page 1 Solutions has extensive experience helping plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, medical spas and other aesthetic practices execute custom video marketing strategies that are affordable and effective.

Call Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 today for a free marketing evaluation.