Plastic Surgery SEO & Medical Aesthetics Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for Plastic Surgeons & Med Spas

The primary goal of your practice website is to generate leads and convert them into patients. In order to do this, your website needs to appear in online search results for the plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic services that your prospective patients search for on Google and Bing, or even ask their smartphone to help them find.

Search engine optimization (SEO) captures the attention of these potential patients and drives them to your website. Unlike most digital marketing agencies, Page 1 Solutions utilizes data from actual consumer search terms in order to position your practice competitively.

We know that SEO is a key component of your comprehensive digital marketing campaign. That is why we build a strategy around actual searches that encompass:

  • Information about your target practice areas
  • Questions and answers about plastic surgery, cosmetic rejuvenation and other treatments you provide
  • Comparisons between practices, such as certifications, techniques, technology, etc.
  • Read reviews
  • Assess the credentials of potential doctors and surgeons

The factors that influence your website’s ability to appear consistently in search results can change. But a few things do not change:

  1. The need for your practice website to target the search queries your potential patients use so you can earn their business
  2. Page 1 Solutions’ commitment to helping our clients succeed by performing research, identifying patterns, and formulating your marketing strategy so you stand out
  3. The impact of SEO when combined with other marketing campaigns not only on search rankings but brand messaging, your online reputation, and website traffic

Comprehensive SEO is one of the cornerstones of multi-channel marketing strategies that improve your rankings, drive website traffic, amplify your messaging, boost your reputation, and earn new and returning business. Ultimately, this strategy results in more high-quality leads, conversions, and revenue.

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How Will My Practice Website Stand Out Consistently If SEO Constantly Changes?

The tools that provide insight on consumer search behavior continue to get better. One of the key trends we see is how little some of the high-level phrases that used to form our clients’ static keyword lists get searched – some of them never do!

Instead, Page 1 builds your SEO strategy by focusing on the queries that consumers actually search to find out about surgical and nonsurgical procedures. In addition to using the language of your prospective patients, consumer-focused SEO also has the advantage of encompassing multiple phases of the buyer’s journey, from information-gathering to the point when the user is ready to schedule a consultation.

Our team customizes optimization of your practice website to tap into your unique local market. We research factors like the following to ensure your website reaches the most valuable users:

  • Your location and the area surrounding it
  • The brand messaging of your practice online and off-line
  • Demographics of your prospective patients
  • Psychographic qualities of your patients, including their needs, interests and goals
  • The messaging used by your competitors

At Page 1 Solutions, we recognize that SEO today requires a broad strategy. While your website might enjoy prominent positioning for high-volume keywords in local search and pay-per-click (PPC) results, the opportunities presented by long-tail search can expand your practice’s exposure in search results without incurring the extra costs that accompany PPC campaigns.

How SEO Enhances Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Search marketing is a highly effective way for plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons to connect with the needs of their patients and convert traffic to their practice website into leads. But SEO is just one aspect of marketing your practice.

The first step Page 1 Solutions employs on your website is called on-page optimization. Guided by consumer search queries, our team optimizes each page with:

  • A descriptive title that communicates the practice area or subject to human users and search engines
  • A description that search engines display on the results page below the title to entice users to click to your website
  • Internal links that establish the structure and hierarchy of your website
  • Original content that engages potential patients, positions your practice as the one they should contact and establishes the credibility of your website to search crawlers
  • Images that complement your practice website design and enhance the readability of the page while conveying the SEO value of these visual assets through alternative text

This consistent SEO effort will make your website ready to stand out in search results and convert qualified visitors. It will also transform your site into an effective hub for a wide range of digital marketing campaigns like:

SEO provides a foundation for both your website and your overall digital marketing. Page 1 understands this, and our team members perform research, create user-centered content that engages visitors and keeps them on the site and provide recommendations to help you maximize your ROI for each marketing channel.

Converting Search Traffic into Leads

Exposure in search results is crucial for generating leads, but it doesn’t automatically translate into more business. Page 1 Solutions makes conversions a priority, and we have the tools and experience to track leads and show you the value of your search engine marketing.

Lead tracking tools we use include:

  • Call tracking phone numbers, with options available to distinguish between users who arrive on your site from Google and Bing search results, as well as those accessing your site directly
  • Online contact forms embedded throughout your website
  • Instant live chat
  • Individualized search traffic and lead reports
  • Landing pages for PPC and other ad campaigns

Team members at Page 1 Solutions collaborate with clients to identify the strengths and correct the weaknesses of their SEO and other marketing strategies, as well as capitalize on opportunities to drive traffic and leads. Our agency has more than 15 years of experience marketing plastic surgeons and cosmetic practices.

We have seen SEO change, and we have changed with it to help our clients achieve success.

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