PPC and Adwords for Plastic Surgeons, Doctors & Estheticians

Cosmetic Practice Pay Per Click Ad Campaign Management

Search engine optimization helps your website rank for organic search queries. Though highly effective when customized to your local market and practice priorities, it takes time to build first-page rankings through organic SEO.

Many of our plastic surgeon and cosmetic practice clients choose to accelerate their prominence in search results with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. At Page 1 Solutions, we work with a wide range of budgets to help cosmetic surgeons and doctors stand out.

Our agency focuses on the full definition of your success. We create marketing campaigns using PPC and other strategies to earn first-page search results, amplify your brand message, drive website traffic and online visibility, and drive more high-quality leads. Ultimately, the success of your online marketing comes down to the leads you convert and the increased revenue you earn.

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Advantages of PPC for Plastic Surgeons

It’s helpful to think of PPC ads as a complement to your organic search marketing strategy. While SEO is an effective technique for targeting a wide range of queries – from high-level to long-tail – PPC provides a boost for the search terms with the highest competition.

Ads through PPC are displayed as sponsored listings at or near the top of search results pages for selected queries. In addition to standing out in search, other benefits of pay-per-click include:

  • You pay the search engines for the sponsored listings only if someone clicks on your PPC link.
  • PPC links can drive traffic to pages targeted precisely at the procedure the potential patient is looking for.
  • Sponsored listings appear immediately in the search engine results.
  • PPC listings can give you immediate exposure while we work on getting your website pages into the organic results.
  • You can edit PPC campaigns on the fly without making changes to your website

Because you specify the search phrases for which you want your ads to appear, PPC can drive qualified traffic to your practice website. The use of targeted, effective landing pages can convert these visitors into leads.

10 Reasons Why PPC Is an Effective Part of Your Marketing Strategy

How Does a PPC Campaign Work?

Maximizing the number of users who see your ad isn’t the only hallmark of a successful PPC campaign. It’s even more important that the right users see your ad and click to your website.

The queries you can target with PPC are virtually endless, from open-ended and very competitive to extremely refined. Page 1 Solutions maximizes your ROI through geo-targeting.

Instead of just using general terms like “plastic surgeon,” “breast augmentation” and “tummy tuck,” PPC campaigns developed by Page 1 might narrow the target audience to focus on users within a specific:

  • City
  • Neighborhood or district
  • Region
  • State (generally used to boost clients with a unique specialty or product not shared by other surgeons or practice)

Geo-targeting saves money by not throwing your entire budget behind a few overly broad keywords that all of your competitors are also chasing. In addition, geo-targeted ads are an effective way to bring qualified users within a specific location to your website.

Why Choose Page 1 Solutions for Your PPC Campaign

PPC optimization on laptop computerConsultants at Page 1 Solutions work with you to determine the search phrases that will drive the most traffic to your website and convert it into the most business. As a Google Partner, we have team members who have finished advanced training in the use of the Google Ads program.

Using this specialized knowledge, our PPC specialists help plastic and cosmetic surgeons by:

  • Writing custom landing page content that engages and converts visitors arriving from your ads
  • Effectively managing your budget to maximize ROI
  • Reporting key information such as cost-per-clicks and the number of leads generated by phone, email and online chat
  • Customizing your campaign to match your goals
  • Making recommendations based on performance to generate leads and cases

By pairing our extensive knowledge of Google AdWords with the information you provide us, PPC specialists at Page 1 can design custom paid search campaigns that enhance your overall marketing strategy and drive leads for your preferred procedures and non-surgical services.

Is PPC Right for My Practice?

The decision to make pay-per-click part of your custom digital marketing strategy should be based on your needs and goals. If the competition is high for patients considering plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments in your area, PPC can help your practice stand out.

Page 1 Solutions is your partner in marketing through paid ads. We dutifully track each lead so you know how much business you get from the money you spend. Our team also reports on opportunities and challenges presented by your competitors, and recommends how you can maintain and increase your ROI.

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