Custom Content for Cosmetic Practices

Web Content Development for Plastic Surgeons, Med Spas & Cosmetic Dermatology Practices

Cosmetic doctors and medical professionals complete years of advanced education and training before seeing their first patient. Although it can be tempting to make all of these clinical details the core of your practice website, marketing your practice requires a mix of content.

Custom content is a key component of multiple marketing strategies that improve your rankings in search, amplify your brand message, boost your reputation, and gain and retain plastic surgery patients and med spa clients. Ultimately, your content marketing strategy drives high-quality leads, conversions, and more revenue.

Web pages, blog posts, and other content can engage users and persuade them that your practice is the ideal place to have their procedure, not to mention that you are worthy of attention on social media and even press coverage.

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What Makes Page 1 Content Different

Most plastic surgeons and aesthetic practices understand that their website content is important to secure top SEO results. Now there is an emphasis not only on how visitors reach your website, but what they do after they get there (user experience).

We develop helpful, user-focused content (not just optimized for search engines) that is informative, easy to read and interactive. It is also data-driven, using actual search queries and frequently asked questions from actual patients to inform users about the procedures you want to promote.

Our content marketing experts create a variety of types of content, including:

  • Long-form pages and blog posts: Captivating content that visitors spend time reading and search engines find authoritative
  • Visual content: Engaging infographics, slideshare presentations, video blogs, quizzes, checklists and more
  • Video blogs: Custom content that contextualizes video clips for human users and search engines
  • Press releases: Update media sources with your latest news to encourage coverage of your practice
  • Off-site content: Extend your reach to other Web outlets with well-written information and commentary on trends and updates within your community and specialty

Content is king on the search engines, but today it is about quality, not just quantity!

Infographic: Content for Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Long-Format Pages and Blog Posts

Prospective patients have many questions when they consider plastic surgery. Although your website might have ranked high in search results in the past for pages providing a basic overview of your procedures and services, engaging and converting prospective patients now requires more extensive information.

Long-format content essentially serves as a “one-stop-shop” for information about plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. Comprising content that is five times as long (or longer) than the boilerplate, 300-word web pages you might see your competitors use, our copywriters work with you to answer the questions your patients pose.

Long-format pages provide a comprehensive resource for patients considering a procedure. Blog posts using a long format answer niche questions that correspond to the “long-tail” queries that more informed users search to improve their knowledge.

Some of the advantages of the long-form content produced by Page 1 Solutions include:

  • Greater engagement with content on the page: Users can easily find information through our use of compelling subheads, bullet point lists and imagery, and we create anchor tags to assist with on-page navigation
  • Better metrics: Visitors tend to stay on long-format pages longer, which communicates relevance to search engines and often improves your standing in search results
  • More leads: Comprehensive long-format content presents you as an authority who understands the needs of your patients; our copywriters integrate call-to-action language designed to urge website visitors to make contact with your practice

We understand that you value performing certain procedures. We often recommend using long-format content to convey expertise on your priority practice areas.

Long-format blog posts are an effective way to assert your authority on these high-value treatment areas on a regular basis. Our copywriters combine patient education with engagement, adopting popular styles like numbered lists that drive organic traffic and stand out in your social media feeds.

Visual Content

As a plastic surgeon, cosmetic doctor or med spa owner working in a very visual medium, your content marketing plan is ripe with opportunities to produce material that transcends text. Online visuals are an enormously popular way for users to consume content, and the copywriters at Page 1 Solutions can “spice up” your Web pages, social media profiles and off-site content with a host of custom visual content options.

Some of the most popular types of visual content we create for plastic surgeons and cosmetic practices include:


custom visual content for plastic surgeons - infographicInstead of writing a blog post or a new section of a practice area page, our writers pair relevant information and up-to-date statistics to tell an informative visual story. Topics might include:

  • Trends in plastic surgery
  • Localized information about the most common cosmetic procedures
  • Areas of the body treated by surgical and non-surgical options

The design of each infographic uses imagery and colors that align with the branding of your practice. It is a gorgeous complement to content on your website, and it can also help you promote your expertise through social media and platforms outside of your site.


One of the most important purposes of your website is driving qualified leads to your practice. You can help your prospective patients understand if they qualify for a procedure with quick, engaging online quizzes.

Like long-format pages and blog posts, copywriters at Page 1 Solutions take the questions your patients ask the most through online contact forms, instant chats, phone calls and in-person consultations. These questions can help “seal the deal” for a prospective patient.

By answering questions about their needs and goals, you give patients the opportunity to check their knowledge about cosmetic surgery and evaluate their candidacy. The results of the quiz - which are available as soon as the user completes the questions - could push users to make an appointment to discuss the procedure with you.

Slideshare Presentations

Slideshare is a platform hosted by LinkedIn, the preeminent social media website for professional networking. Not only is it a great place to post presentations and PDFs you deliver at conferences and other medical industry events, it’s also a platform to engage patients.

Writers at Page 1 create and design branded slideshows exploring a specific procedure or practice area. In addition to being hosted on Slideshare itself, the presentation can also be embedded strategically on one or more pages of your website, providing users with easy access to interactive material that combines strong visuals with informative content.

Video Blogs

The popularity of online video is exploding, and it will only continue to grow. Page 1 Solutions can help you maximize the impact of video marketing by creating a dedicated library for video clips on your website and transcribing the audio so users who are hard of hearing or lack access to speakers or headphones can read along with the footage.

Our copywriters can also broaden the exposure for your custom videos by writing blog posts that provide an enticing description. These posts put the video front-and-center while giving additional context that connects with long-tail search queries and common patient questions.

Videos don’t just perform well on your website and YouTube. A library of custom clips is an engagement tool for social media marketing as well, and video blogs can draw more attention to your on-camera spots.

Press Releases

“Stop the presses” and promote your practice to news readers and journalists with original press release copy. Page 1 Solutions maintains partnerships with several media distributors, giving us the ability to pursue a distribution strategy that fits your budget and goals.

Page 1 curates press releases that appear on:

  • Websites for major news outlets
  • Feeds for local affiliates
  • Online feeds and news desks for newspapers and magazines
  • Community websites
  • Websites for general and niche interests, including online health resources, beauty blogs and more

Whether you’re performing a new surgical procedure, offering a groundbreaking non-surgical treatment, participating in a local event or offering commentary on a trend or story relevant to plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine, press releases are an effective tool to spread the word online. Another popular option for press release distribution is promotion of visual content, which can help drive users to your website.

Many of our copywriters have worked as writers and editors in a variety of media and marketing capacities. We use AP Style to conform to journalistic best practices and report your news in a way that connects with reporters and media outlets.

Off-Site Content

Your website is the hub for all of your digital marketing activities. In addition to search results and social media, Page 1 Solutions makes off-site exposure a focus of your content marketing strategy.

Our team uses several tactics to earn links back to your website:

  • Guest blogging: Not all websites are created equal, and Page 1 carefully vets contribution opportunities to ensure that your content appears on a domain relevant to your practice and viewed positively by search engines
  • Media monitoring: We review reporter queries multiple times a day to find stories corresponding to your expertise; when we find the right story, we work with you to create a compelling pitch that meets the needs of the media
  • Off-site posting: Some websites don’t require a custom article or blog post; team members at Page 1 evaluate forums, community websites and other outlets for opportunities to participate in discussion, broadening your experience among a suitable user base

“Content is king,” but the positioning of quality content determines the size of the kingdom. Page 1 Solutions uses a customized content marketing strategy to present you as a source of relevant information and a practice that engages with its patients.

Ultimately, informative, engaging content is a key tool for driving leads and cases.

For more information about custom website content and other marketing services at Page 1 Solutions, please call 303-233-3886 today. Your initial website evaluation is free!