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Plastic Surgery Call Tracking

Determining your marketing return-on-investment hinges on tracking leads generated by plastic surgery web marketing. At Page 1 Solutions, our SEO program for plastic surgeons includes a FREE telephone call tracking number for your website. Below are some call tracking basics.

Using a Designated Call Tracking Number

Telephone calls are the most valuable leads your plastic surgery website must generate, and the most important result you need to track and measure. At Page 1, we make sure call tracking, along with email and chat lead monitoring, is part of your web marketing strategy.

Multiple Call Tracking Numbers may be Appropriate

If you market multiple websites, invest in SEO or pay-per-click advertising/landing pages, or pay for other online campaigns, multiple call tracking numbers are key. Identifying results from each source is how you can determine your marketing ROI and make decisions about your marketing budget down the road.

Toll-free vs. Local Call Tracking Numbers

We offer call tracking for local as well as toll-free numbers.  Perhaps you prefer to be a local resource, and want a local number. Or, you may want a national presence communicated with a toll-free number.

Cost of Call Tracking - Free from Page 1 Solutions

At Page 1, we offer free call tracking for your main practice website as part of our SEO for plastic surgeons program.  Some other call tracking services can cost as much as $100 a month.

Knowing exactly how many leads and new patients you are getting from your plastic surgery website can be accomplished with call tracking.  Start tracking your most important leads today.

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