Blogging for Cosmetic Surgeons

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What is a blog?

A blog (abbrev. Web Log) is a unique section in a website that can be updated with new content on a regular basis without having to ask your website designer or programmer for help. Blogs originally came into being as a form of online diary where you could share information with the world. Over the last couple years, blogs have rapidly grown in popularity. They are now being used to promote all different types of businesses. Here are some of the most important reasons for adding a blog to your plastic surgery website:

  • Blogs add a social media element to your website.
  • Blogs help to build rapport with visitors.
  • Blogs help with search engine optimization.

Blogs Add a Social Media Element to Your Website

Social media is the largest growing sector of Internet usage today. Because Internet users are becoming comfortable using the Internet as a main form of communication, social media is growing rapidly. People are now branching out and they aren’t relying on email as their only method of communication online. Internet users are becoming much more familiar and comfortable with social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook - both of which have blogs within them.

Because social media is so widely accepted, blogs offer you a brand new way to communicate with your website’s visitors and potential patients. Blogs differ from the rest of your website in that they are much more personal. Blogging can offer your visitors a unique look into your practice and who you are as a person, rather than just a doctor. They can see what is important to you and the practice, what the latest news is with the practice, etc. In recent studies of website traffic statistics, it has been found that blogs are typically in the top three pages accessed on websites (if that site has a blog). Your potential patients are curious to know what’s going on with you and the practice, and they see your blog as the perfect place to learn more about you.

Blogs Build Rapport with Visitors

In today’s market, it is important to build a relationship with your website visitors when the come to your site. By sharing current information on your blog, you are doing just that. Your visitors can start to feel like they know you a better and it is a fact that people will do business with people they know and like. When you share some information about yourself and your practice, you will begin to build a relationship with more people. When you start building these relationships, you will increase the number of leads that your website generates.

Blogs Help With Search Engine Optimization

Big name websites like or all do extremely well on the search engines. This is not just because of who they are, but it has to do with the endless numbers of pages they have that are constantly being updated with current information. This is not to say that your website has to complete with these big name websites, but it is important that we learn from their success. By regularly updating your site new pages and new blog entries, you are consistently giving the search engines fresh content to return to their users. This is why search engines even exist. When they see your website as a source for up-to-date information, you will automatically do much better on the search engines. You will quickly surpass your competitors who most likely haven’t made any updates to their website since the first day the site was launched.

At Page 1, we know that blogs are an incredibly important part of successful Web marketing. In all but the very smallest markets, blogs are vital component to maintain a competitive edge. We have a staff of skilled writers who will regularly write blog entries for our clients to supplement their own efforts, and we do this at no additional cost.

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