Pay–Per–Click Advertising for Lawyers, Dentists and Plastic Surgeons

Internet Marketing for Attorneys, Surgeons, and Dentists

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is only one aspect of marketing your website on the search engines. Another important option to completely dominate your search engine market is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Pay-per-click advertisements, otherwise known as the “sponsored listings” on search results, can also play a role to increase your online revenue and your overall return on investment (ROI).

At Page 1 Solutions, SEO and PPC are not either/or options. For many of our clients, they truly become a dominant force in their market when SEO and PPC strategies are orchestrated together. 

Integrating PPC into your Marketing

At Page 1 Solutions, our consulting team is experienced providing effective:

Where SEO can secure long-term, credible listings on natural/organic searches, PPC advertisements offer other synergistic benefits:

  • You only pay the search engines when visitors actually click on your listing and visit your site.
  • You can get top search engine results immediately and make changes to your campaign without making major changes to your website.
  • You can create a custom description for each campaign and control what destination page you take visitors to.
  • You set your initial monthly budget, yet you can increase and decrease the amount to leverage any seasonality or immediate opportunities created by mass media.
  • PPC advertising can be used to fill in openings where your website does not appear on organic/natural search engine results to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • PPC advertising can be “geo-targeted,” which allows you to limit your exposure to a geographically defined area or radius, much like direct mail.
  • Geo-targeted PPC allows you to get top listings for open-ended keywords or phrases (without using local geographic keyword phrases), like “dentist,” “lawyer,” “plastic surgery,” “LASIK," allowing you to limit your exposure and cost to your local area.
  • PPC tracking allows you to more accurately monitor the effectiveness of your keyword phrases (in terms of lead-generation), and your cost-per-lead for each keyword phrase.

We'll help you develop an aggressive marketing strategy for the web and determine how to effectively use PPC and SEO in that strategy.

Optimizing Your PPC ROI

With a PPC campaign, it's essential to track conversions from this source of advertising. PPC must generate revenue for your business and increase your return on investment in PPC.

To provide dentists, lawyers, plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists with the most effective, comprehensive PPC campaigns, we:

  • Recommend PPC campaign strategies based on generating more leads and optimizing your ROI.
  • Target content to a specific audience and demographic.
  • Provide thorough reporting of keyword performance, leads and all other aspects of your PPC advertising.
  • Report how your money is being spent and do not hide fees.
  • Personalize PPC to your budget and goals.

Your campaign is developed and managed by one of our PPC specialists, not automated management software. Our ultimate goal is to convert web traffic into leads for your business and to help you get the best possible ROI for PPC.

If you are committed to increasing leads from the internet, contact us and ask for your free market analysis. We’ll analyze your market and determine if and how pay-per-click advertising can generate a profitable ROI for you. Or call us at 800-368-9910 and ask one of our consultants for a no-obligation evaluation.