OTT Video Streaming Ads for Dentists

Targeted Advertising Beyond Television for Dental Practices

Dentistry encompasses a wide variety of high-dollar fee-for-service treatments. Some dental practices may successfully generate new patients for TV advertising, but the cost to do so is often prohibitively expensive.

OTT and Connected TV devicesWhether you are new to the ad space or you've been advertising on TV for years, you may already know the limitations of television when it comes to cost, targeting capability, and ROI. Fortunately, consumers are seeking an alternative to cable that also represents a major advertising opportunity for dentists.

You've likely heard of "cutting the cord," or leaving cable behind to get news, sports, and entertainment from subscription-based streaming services. Streaming media is not commercial-free, with dentists gaining a new advertising opportunity via OTT ("over-the-top") platforms.

Reach an engaged audience of potential patients on popular streaming platforms through OTT advertising. Call Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 for a free marketing evaluation and recommendations specific to your dental practice!

What Is OTT?

Consumers access OTT platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, and others on the device(s) of their choosing. This means your prospective patients may see your ads on their smartphones, on their desktop or laptop computers, on tablet devices, or on Connected TV (CTV) such as:

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Roku
  • And others!

Streaming digital ads combine the power of engaging video messaging with the targeting and efficiency of the Internet.

Who Is the Audience for OTT?

OTT services transcend language and age barriers, creating an inclusive consumer base. Spanish-speaking users are a major demographic on OTT. Similarly, don't assume that your ads will only be seen by millennials. The majority of OTT consumers (65%) vary in age from 25 to 60.

OTT advertising offers granular targeting to refine the streaming audience so ads for your practice appear before the right consumers. Our campaigns include targeting options such as:

  • Zip code
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Intent (online search, browsing, etc.)

Audiences on OTT choose what they watch and when, rather than letting networks decide for them. Ad targeting puts your ads in front of the right users, while the level of consumer choice in OTT makes it more likely for prospective patients to pay attention to your ads.

traffic and demographic reporting on OTT ads

For now, OTT advertising is less competitive for dentists than TV. The key is to get started now!

Advantages of OTT Advertising

OTT ads use a format familiar to online users: the pre- or mid-roll video ads appearing on sites like YouTube. Ad blocks on OTT services are about 90 seconds, so the ideal length for ads on a streaming device is 15-30 seconds.

Whether you have video ads for other platforms or need new assets for CTV and smart devices, Page 1 Solutions can help. We can create and revise new video ads, or develop videos using B-roll and montage footage.

Some of the benefits of OTT ads for your dental practice include:

  • Ads always run
  • Users can't skip the ads after 5 seconds like they can on YouTube
  • You only pay for ads that reach your specific target audience
  • We track leads back to the ad the consumer saw before calling you
  • Dayparting options that only broadcast your ad when the prospective patients you want to target are likely to see it
  • OTT/CTV is not subject to the FCC guidelines that require networks to preempt regular commercials with political ads
    • As we enter an election year, this is a particular advantage for your practice!

Page 1 Solutions partners with one of the nation's leading media companies in the growing OTT space. We are able to offer a guaranteed number of impressions for ads based on your target audience. You are only charged for the users within your target audience who see your ads.

Get Started with OTT Ads for Your Dental Practice

You could spend tens of thousands of dollars to be the dominant television advertiser in your market. However, Page 1 Solutions offers an effective alternative that enables you to micro-target prospective patients. Ad campaigns on OTT are also a fraction of the cost of TV commercials, so you enjoy a higher ROI on the new patients you generate.

OTT advertising costs less, earns more exposure, and drives more qualified leads than broadcast or cable TV.

If you want to harness the growing popularity of streaming to enhance your visibility and drive new leads and patients, call 303-233-3886 to learn about OTT advertising services. Page 1 Solutions is pleased to discuss your marketing needs and goals for free and create individualized recommendations for your dental practice!