OTT Video Streaming Ads for Attorneys

Targeted Law Firm Advertising Outside Traditional TV

Law firms that previously felt television advertising was too expensive, not targeted, or simply out of reach are finding new opportunities on Internet-based television advertising. Many cable customers are "cutting the cord" in favor of more affordable, individualized news and entertainment. Platforms like YouTube, Apple TV, Hulu, Amazon, and others provide subscribers enormous choice for shows, news, sports, movies, live streaming, and more.

OTT and Connected TV devicesThese platforms are known as "over-the-top" (OTT) services because they circumvent the traditional cable package. Consumer enthusiasm for subscription-based viewing has never been higher, and the opportunity for advertising has never been better for lawyers and law firms.

Whether you are new to video-based media advertising or you are one of the dominant television advertisers in the market, streaming digital advertising combines the power of compelling video messaging with the targeting and efficiency of the Internet. Just as consumers are discovering how OTT improves upon the typical cable package, law firms are ideally situated to take advantage of this emerging opportunity to engage a committed audience on the digital platforms they love.

Page 1 Solutions is proud to offer targeted OTT advertising services on Connected TV (CTV) and other platforms to attorneys and law firms. Contact us at 303-233-3886 to create a campaign that targets your precise market segment, engages potential clients, and drives leads and cases for your firm!

What Is the Audience for OTT?

Advertising on OTT enables your law firm to reach viewers on any technology where people watch TV on their own time. These include Connected TV devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, etc., as well as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablet devices
  • Desktop and laptop computers

The audience on these devices may seem like they would all be millennials or younger. But, you might be surprised to learn that 65% of the viewership is between 25-60 years of age.

OTT ads can be granularly targeted much, much more than traditional TV to focus your advertising on reaching prospective clients. Targeting encompasses a variety of characteristics such as:

  • Zip code
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Intent (user behavior such as search, browsing habits, etc.)

Spanish-speaking consumers are a significant market for OTT services.

OTT provides more targeted advertising and less competition than traditional television. What's more, the audience on OTT platforms is engaged; they decide what to watch, rather than settling for what's on TV.

traffic and demographic reporting on OTT ads

How Do My Ads Appear on Connected TV?

Much like pre-roll advertising on video platforms, OTT ads can display at the beginning of a program or during the mid-roll advertising blocks. Commercials on CTV typically run for about 15-30 seconds in ad blocks of around 90 seconds. These ads are about half the length of the commercials you see on TV, which is ideal for catching the attention of online users.

Benefits of OTT advertising include:

Page 1 Solutions partners with one of the nation's leading media companies in the emerging OTT space. We are able to offer a guaranteed number of impressions for ads based on your target audience. You are only charged for the users within your target audience who see your ads.

We can create new OTT ads for your law firm, revise existing ads, or create B-roll and montage videos.

The ad targeting for OTT doesn't only apply to the audience. We offer dayparting for your campaigns to ensure that ads only appear when they are most likely to reach the consumers whose business you want to generate.

Is OTT Advertising Right for My Law Firm?

Many TV markets are saturated by attorneys who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to reach prospective clients via mass media. The sheer numbers required to build your brand on TV, let alone generate leads for your practice, is intimidating. Small practices have been forced out of the space by the money required to compete.

OTT and CTV changes that. Now you can micro-target your audience of prospective clients for a fraction of the budget you need to compete on broadcast or cable TV.

Early adopters who take advantage of this opportunity now have the chance to start gaining exposure and generating leads on a platform with far less competition than broadcast or cable TV. Less competition means lower costs.

The key to success is to act now, before the big spenders swallow up all the oxygen in this space too.

This is especially true as we enter election season, where OTT advertising has an enormous edge over TV. FCC guidelines specify that regular advertising can be bumped to make room for political ads. These same guidelines do not apply to OTT. Political campaigns can, of course, pay for advertising on connected services, but it's a level playing field where your ads enjoy equal precedence.

For more information about OTT ads and how this growing marketing channel can benefit your law firm, please call Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 today. We’ll provide sample advertisements and put together your OTT/CTV recommendations for absolutely free!