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Custom Responsive Website Design for LASIK Surgeons & Ophthalmologists

An eye-catching website gets your practice noticed. But a successful website design is about more than aesthetics. Readability, easy-to-navigate menus, prominent calls-to-action (CTAs) and high-quality imagery all work together to create a hub for your digital marketing.

Your website is a major asset in campaigns to improve your search rankings, amplify your marketing message, boost your reputation, and gain and retain patients. Ultimately, marketing strategies on and off of your website must generate traffic, drive high-quality leads, and convert into patients and more revenue.

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Elements of Ophthalmology Web Design

The majority of online users search for services on a mobile device. As a result:

Page 1 Solutions creates mobile-first website designs

mobile-first website design for LASIK surgeons and ophthalmologistsMobile-first designs employ a consistent look and functionality across devices, starting with the smartphone view. The Onboarding Team at Page 1 Solutions designs and develops your website to engage and convert mobile and desktop visitors.

Customizable components like the following increase user engagement:

  • Original photos of your doctors, surgeons, optometrists and office staff
  • Images that speak to your ideal patients
  • Menus that highlight information about your practice, your services, patient reviews and more.
  • CTAs that point visitors to Web pages on LASIK, cataract surgery and your other priority practice areas
  • Branded imagery, such as your logo and a consistent color scheme
  • Links to your social media profiles
  • Custom videos organized in an accessible video gallery
  • Your credentials, including badges for the American Board of Ophthalmology, American College of Surgeons and other organizations of which you are a member.

Custom visual content can communicate valuable information at a glance. Your Internet Marketing Consultant will collaborate with help you develop a copywriting strategy that includes compelling infographics, quizzes and other collateral to augment your Web pages and blog posts.

Developing Your LASIK Website

The predominance of mobile users makes site speed a major consideration for your website development. The Onboarding Team will perform testing and provide you with recommendations to balance the need for pages to load quickly with the design goals for your website.

Site security is another must for your ophthalmology website. Internet users trust websites that implement HTTPS, especially when it comes to health and medical information.

All websites developed by Page 1 Solutions go live with HTTPS

A secure website cements your authority and helps you build trust with prospective patients. It tells visitors that you value their privacy and take steps to protect it.

Google recognizes both fast site speed and secure protocol as positive ranking signals. So, security and speed also improve your search engine optimization, which increases your visibility for queries your potential patients when they need an eye doctor or LASIK surgeon.

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LASIK Website Designs That Generate Leads

Once your website looks good and works well, you are ready to start driving more leads and cases. Page 1 Solutions offers lead tracking and reporting services such as:

  • Call tracking: The vast majority of our ophthalmology clients receive leads by phone. Call tracking provides you with segmented data so you know how visitors arrive on your website, including traffic from search engines, social media websites, third-party domains and direct traffic. It also integrates with PPC advertising (pay-per-click campaigns).
  • Contact forms: Your website design prominently features forms where users can explain their needs and goals in more detail. Your office staff receives these leads via email.
  • Instant chat: Some users prefer to interact with your practice online instead of by phone. A live chat agent gives these potential patients the opportunity to do just that in real-time with an actual person who uses a script that represents your practice effectively.
  • Inbound database marketing: Some visitors aren’t ready to schedule an appointment the first time they visit your website. With inbound marketing, users are encouraged to download custom collateral for free. They provide their email address in exchange for the download, which is then integrated into a campaign of follow-up emails.

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Our dedicated Internet Marketing Consultants will discuss strategies for driving leads on your new website. We will apply our extensive knowledge and experience to help you get the highest ROI on digital marketing.

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