Custom Video Production for Ophthalmology Practices

Video Marketing for Ophthalmologists and LASIK Surgeons

As an eye doctor, you understand the importance of “seeing” results. Patients are doing just that when they search for and watch videos about LASIK, cataracts and other conditions and treatments.

An investment in video marketing is an investment in patient education and engagement. Custom videos enhance multiple marketing strategies to improve your search rankings, amplify your marketing message, and gain and retain patients. Ultimately, multi-channel marketing drives high-quality leads, conversions, and more revenue.

Learn about building a custom video library by calling Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 for a free evaluation.

How Video Grows Your Practice

Video is a multipurpose marketing tool. Once you have your video library, you can use and reuse the videos almost anywhere, including:

  • Your website: From blog posts to priority practice areas pages to your home page, videos make the content on your website pop and give users an alternative to reading that informs them about the vision services you provide.
  • Social media: More and more social media marketing emphasizes video. By enriching your presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram with original video, you stand a better chance of consistently engaging your followers and earning ongoing attention for subsequent posts.
  • Pre-roll video ads: Off-site display and pre-roll video advertising raises awareness of your brand across websites that are part of a massive ad network. YouTube and its affiliates sites present an enormous opportunity for exposure via brief ads that run in front of select videos.

Some of our ophthalmology clients invest in video marketing as part of their website design and development. A custom video on the website home page that tells patients who you are is a great way to set your practice apart.

Creating Ophthalmology Videos

Page 1 Solutions works with you on video production, as well as marketing your videos. We offer ophthalmology clients the opportunity to visit our office in Lakewood, Colorado, to shoot videos. Or, if you prefer to shoot video in your office, we will arrange for a local videographer to come to you.

Whether you come to us or a professional comes to you, you can count on top-notch lighting, sound and high-definition filming. We provide you with a script that you can read off of a teleprompter.

The subject of the videos is a combination of marketing your practice, presenting your expertise and search engine optimization. You want to answers the questions that bring visitors to your website while presenting your practice as a warm, welcoming environment staffed by caring and experienced individuals

Once we have the raw footage, our team sets to work on editing. We customize videos to your practice through the inclusion of assets such as:

  • Your name and credentials
  • Your practice logo
  • Photos of your practice (we can create montage videos that function like a slideshow, presenting a series of images of your office set to audio)
  • Copyright-free music
  • Voiceover (male or female)

You own the edited videos as well as the raw footage.

Why Invest in Video Marketing?

A custom video library is an engaging marketing tool that enhances your patient engagement and education ability both on your website and through off-site channels. Appearing on camera makes you approachable and gives you the opportunity to speak directly to potential patients in a friendly but authoritative fashion.

Video is becoming more and more essential in digital marketing. Find out how your ophthalmology practice can benefit from custom videos by calling 303-233-3886 for a free evaluation of your website and marketing strategies.