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Receive detailed information about your practice’s website and Internet marketing without wading through exhausting, repetitive sales pitches and annoying hard-sell sales reps.

Let us provide initial insight, without a significant investment of your money, or equally important, your time.   Just complete the quick evaluation form and receive:

  1. A search engine report (sample) on your website’s current position for your most important keyword phrases (Google, Google Places, and Bing).
  2. A competitive report (sample) that shows how your website compares with other high-performing websites in your local market.
  3. An analysis of your website (sample) – We crawl your website just like search engines spiders to reveal what is working and what is hurting your website.

Take a minute, and the first step, to get more leads and business from your Internet marketing efforts and investments. 

  • Your Website – Using your website's Google Analytics, we determine how visitors engage and convert on your website; your design, navigation, content, usability, rapport-building, calls-to-action, etc., and provide suggestions to improve.
  • Your Competitors – Competitive research data, their weaknesses, strengths, what working, and how you can successfully compete in your target market.
  • Your Online Marketing Campaign - We go beyond just a superficial SEO report and address all of your opportunities to drive more traffic and get more leads and consultations. Let us assess your social media marketing, PPC, display advertising, retargeting, email marketing atomation, reviews & ratings marketing, video blogging, lead intake, and much more!

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