Display Advertising & Pre-Roll Ads for Ophthalmologists

Online Display & Pre-Roll Advertising for LASIK Surgeons & Eye Doctors

Marketing engagement opportunities don’t end when visitors leave your website. From email to news to shopping and more, users visit a host of websites during any given Internet session. With display ads and pre-roll video, you can capitalize on digital advertising space to drive awareness and generate leads for your practice.

Display ads, pre-roll video, and retargeting/remarketing campaigns complement a host of strategies that improve your first-page rankings, amplify your marketing message, drive traffic to your website, and gain and retain patients. Ultimately, multi-channel marketing drives high-quality leads, conversions, and more revenue.

Make popular websites a tool in your Internet marketing strategy. Call 303-233-3886 for details about our display advertising and pre-roll video ad strategies for LASIK surgeons and eye doctors.

What Is Display Advertising?

Display ads appear prominently on the top and sides of select websites. The ads that display in these spaces are no accident; display advertising campaigns like the ones managed by Page 1 Solutions are targeted to certain users based on behaviors such as:

  • Search history
  • Website browsing history
  • Geographic location
  • Age, marital status, income and other demographics

Team members at Page 1 Solutions create ad campaigns to maximize reach to the right audience of prospective patients. We leverage who users are and what they do online to generate exposure for your practice.

Marketing with Retargeting Ads

What if your website is one of the domains that trigger display ads?

Browsing history is a common parameter in display ads. By embedding tracking code on your website, your ad campaign can present ads to visitors who have bounced from your site. Seeing your name in ads on websites within the advertising network improve brand awareness, making it more likely that former visitors will return and choose you as their provider.

Page 1 Solutions also offers remarketing campaigns that leverage the email addresses users provide to send follow-up materials. Read about inbound and database marketing to find out how we market to visitors after they leave your website.

Pre-Roll Video Ads for Ophthalmologists

YouTube is a robust advertising network unto itself. The Web’s leading video website and the second-biggest search engine, it’s safe to say that ads on YouTube are seen by thousands of potential patients. Pre-roll video advertising on YouTube is affordable, and your message does not get lost in the noise of the many brands vying for consumers’ attention.

Like display and retargeting ads, Page 1 Solutions identifies a segmented audience of users based on demographics and their online behaviors. Your ads are positioned in the pre-roll, or very beginning before the video plays, of videos the target users watch.

Videos in pre-roll marketing campaigns should only be 15-20 seconds long. You only pay if users watch the whole ad before their video begins.

Users who visit your practice YouTube channel or the custom video gallery on your website have to find you first. Conversely, pre-roll ads bring your video assets straight to users on YouTube. These video ads improve awareness of your practice and, when the visitor is ready to pick an eye care provider, increases the likelihood of users becoming leads.

Benefits of Display and Pre-Roll Video Advertising

Static banner ads are expensive, as are traditional print and broadcast advertising. Page 1 Solutions executes an alternative strategy using large ad networks to achieve prominent exposure for our ophthalmology clients without breaking the bank.

Find out if retargeting, display ads and pre-roll videos are right for your practice. Get a free marketing evaluation by calling Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 today.