Dhru Patel

Dhru is a graduate of CU Boulder (SKO Buffs!).  Her family is originally from India and the first place they settled to in the US was Boulder, so she is happy to have had the opportunity to attend CU Boulder and graduate from there.  In her free time she likes to hang out around Denver and spend time with her family and close friends.  Dhru is fascinated by the dynamic world of internet marketing and she is happy to be a part of the team at Page 1!


Practice areas: Car accidents, premises liability, personal injury

Date website went live: April 25, 2019

Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center

A pioneering cosmetic and medical practice deserves a cutting-edge design. Joan M. Hardt, M.D., was the very first doctor to open a medical spa and laser clinic in her native Oklahoma City. Now the website for Rejuvena Cosmetic Medical Center has a custom design that exemplifies the elegant atmosphere of the office and the commitment to quality results for which Dr. Hardt and her team always strive.

- Practice areas: Injectables and fillers, laser treatments, skin care

- Date website went live: March 1, 2019

Red Balansay

Red's experience as a designer, copywriter, and in managing creative projects have given him a unique skill set to take an idea and truly run with it – delivering finished products that are uniquely branded and custom to each individual client. He takes a step back to truly understand what it is that a client is wanting to convey, and how to bring their visions to life. In an ever-changing creative field, Red strives to always come up with fresh ideas in order to provide Page 1 clients with some of the most beautiful, thoughtfully-designed collateral in the industry.

Kayde Pierce

Relentless in the pursuit of results, Kayde brings with her a strong background in account management and prides herself on her ability to maintain strong relationships with all of her clients.  From her years as an independent marketing consultant, Kayde understands what it takes to grow a business and brings marketing experience from a wide range of industries such as health & wellness, the arts, agriculture, technology and engineering.  She continually brainstorms adaptive, creative solutions in order to provide value to all her clients.

Foulkes Vision

One of the most important aspects of the website design for any eye care provider is readability. Ophthalmologist and LASIK surgeon Dr. Richard Foulkes has been a client of Page 1 Solutions for several years. He collaborated with us on a new website design for his practice that emphasizes visibility of the services he provides, as well as a clear eyeline to background information on Dr. Foulkes.

- Practice areas: LASIK, cataract surgery, eye care

- Date website went live: February 12, 2019

Tommy Wood

Tommy Wood is a writer at Page 1 Solutions. He is committed to creating engaging content that captures the voices of his clients -- and captures leads.  Tommy graduated from the College of Media, Communication and Information at the University of Colorado Boulder with a B.S. in journalism and a minor in history. Before he joined Page 1, he spent two and a half years as a reporter at a daily newspaper, where he covered sports, education and local government.  A Colorado native, Tommy loves hiking, climbing, camping and backpacking. He's climbed nine of Colorado's 14ers.


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