LoveMyDoc Patient Loyalty Programs for Cosmetic Practices

Effective Loyalty Programs for Surgeons, Doctors, and Medical Estheticians

Get Patients to Come Back to Your Practice Again and Again

LoveMyDoc Patient Loyalty ProgramCosmetic practices are a perfect fit for loyalty programs. They can help your practice develop lifetime patients and a steady stream of recurring revenue.

Patient loyalty programs get your clients excited about your services, maintain consistently beautiful results, and save money all at the same time. It helps your practice retain the patients you've earned, as well as open a dedicated channel for much-anticipated marketing and promotional communications. These strategies ultimately increase your revenue.

Discover LoveMyDoc, our unique digital loyalty program – Available as a mobile app and web browser portal!

Page 1 Solutions is excited to offer a complete, all-in-one patient loyalty program that includes a custom app for cosmetic-focused practices! Learn more by calling us at 303-233-3886.

What Is a Loyalty Program?

New You VIP Rewards program - full layoutIn addition to increasing patient retention, loyalty programs can add a significant revenue stream without taking up surgeon time.

Loyalty programs increase sales for plastic surgery offices and med spas by an average of 35%!

Some of the fastest growing practices with high profit margins have developed strong non-surgical revenue centers. Now you can take it a step further with your own branded loyalty program.

Retention is the key to increasing revenue.

Many practices in the aesthetics industry focus on generating new patients. New lead generation is important, but so is retaining patients who have enjoyed your products and services before.

For many patients, cosmetic treatment is not one-and-done.

Many become interested in a variety of procedures – surgical and non-surgical – as they get older and their needs and goals change. A loyalty program allows your practice to encourage that interest with cost savings AND high-quality messaging that creates an exclusive experience.

Is a Patient Loyalty Program Right for Me?

You don’t necessarily need to be a huge practice located in a major city in order to create a successful loyalty program. We have found that practices just need a wide variety of products and services in order to have a successful loyalty program. Your program should have many different treatment options in order to entice your current patients to make a return appointment.

Find out if a loyalty program is right for your practice. Contact Page 1 Solutions for a complimentary consultation.

Creating Your Customized Loyalty Program

Our marketing consultants will collaborate with you on all aspects of development, including:

Some plastic surgeons and cosmetic practices also implement a smartphone app that tracks points. Patients love this because it is so easy to use. When patients earn enough points, they qualify for special discounts. We provide support with the creation and management of the loyalty program app.

Criteria for a Successful Loyalty Program

Royalty Membership Program for Renaissance Plastic SurgeryOur consultants will take into account several different factors to help you determine the prices you should offer for the loyalty program. These factors include:

  • Regional pricing
  • Comparison with similar loyalty programs
  • Name recognition of your practice

“Give more. Get more” is the guideline for a successful loyalty program.

Offering a lower price for your service catches the patient’s eye, but the quality of the messaging and the consistently excellent experience ultimately get patients to come back to your practice again and again.

LoveMyDoc Digital Loyalty Program

In addition to the proven and customizable solutions above, we are proud to introduce the LoveMyDoc digital loyalty program for plastic surgeons, doctors offering cosmetic procedures, and med spas. Powered by Page 1 Solutions, LoveMyDoc is available in both app and browser-based options.

Your practice will receive the web browser portal when you purchase the app, or you can purchase the web portal as a standalone service. For best results, we recommend offering your patients the option to download the app.

Here’s why:

  • We live in a mobile-first world, where smartphone traffic to your website almost certainly outnumbers the users showing up on desktop.
  • Smartphone users access an average of 30 apps on their phone each month, according to Business of Apps.
  • Staying connected with loyal patients on an app enables greater flexibility. Visitors can easily see how many points they have and how close they are to the next tier right on a device they use all day, everyday, rather than having to sit down at a computer.
  • LoveMyDoc webmin dashboard with push notifications | Page 1 SolutionsThe LoveMyDoc app features the ability to send push notifications in the form of text messages to patients who are eligible to claim rewards. Whether they’re at home or on the go, you can send a timely update that they will see on their favorite device.
  • Patients may overlook online ads and even emails, but they are likely to pay attention to texts from a business they know and trust. Patients agree to become part of the loyalty program, so they will expect and even look forward to your updates.

You and your team manage LoveMyDoc through a convenient webmin right in your browser. The webmin is a centralized hub that allows you to send the push notifications, view the points users have accrued, see the revenue generated through patients who redeem loyalty program rewards, and more.

LoveMyDoc is a groundbreaking solution for cultivating patient relationships and return business. Patients who download the app and/or access the web browser portal feel connected to your practice. Your practice gains the opportunity to build and maintain relationships with your current patients, as well as earn revenue from a customer base who knows your services, trusts you, and requires less persuasion to spend money than a new patient.

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Patients across demographics value discounts. They also value personalized communication with the practice.

A custom loyalty program meets both of these needs. Start designing your loyalty program by calling 303-233-3886 for a complimentary consultation with Page 1 Solutions today.