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Is It Time to Redesign My Legal Website?

The Internet changes quickly, and design principles are no exception. What might have looked good or worked just fine a few years ago could be negatively affecting your ability to attract visitors to your website and drive leads online.

At Page 1 Solutions, our website redesign process involves not only changing the look of your website but ensuring that it works properly on any device (mobile-first design). We also evaluate the content on your site, revising for best practices where appropriate and providing recommendations for further improvement.

With these steps in mind, here are 10 quick questions to ask yourself to determine if your law firm website needs a redesign:

Web Design Digest: Legal – February 2017

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

All lawyers know that experience is crucial for attaining success in their field and generating cases. Consumers, however, might be suprised to learn how many different claims law firms can file on their behalf.

The two new legal websites launched by Page 1 Solutions this month provide compelling examples of the diverse practice areas that our clients pursue. Here is a look at how these custom website designs embody the unique branding needs and business goals of their respective practices.

Case Study: Comprehensive Internet Marketing Campaign (Slideshare)

By Adam Rowan, Content Specialist

As Page 1 Solutions President Dan Goldstein says in his eBook "Win with Multi-Channel Digital Marketing," successful online marketing encompasses multiple strategies to drive website traffic and convert qualified visitors into leads. While knowledge, experience and advanced tools all make it feasible to track the success of a single marketing channel, it takes additional effort and ability to assess the overall impact of a complete digital marketing campaign on a client's online performance and lead generation.

Legal Lead Tracking & Management System

Today, we had a special presentation by Dino Columbo, Esq. of Lead Docket, LLC.  Lead Docket is a comprehensive cloud-based lead tracking and management system designed specifically for law firms. Dino, a practicing personal injury attorney, originally had the CRM platform built around the day-to-day workings of their firm and its team members; it now incorporates the flexibility to work within the processes of other firms.

If your firm wants greater control over marketing results, more effective lead management and ultimately to convert more leads into cases, we encourage you look into it and contact Dino.

Web Design Digest: Legal – September 2016

Longtime client Duncan Firm lives by a simple but powerful maxim: "Compassion for People, Passion for Justice." During its website redesign, this Arkansas legal practice made it a goal to highlight the personal connection the attorneys and staff strive to forge with injured people.

Here is a look at how the new custom redesign communicates the Duncan Firm's identity.

Duncan Firm, P.A.

Custom photography features prominently throughout the redesigned Duncan Firm website. Images of the attorneys, staff, and their office appear in multiple key locations.

Web Design Digest: Legal – August 2016

Fraud is a complex area of law. The Anti Fraud Law Group of Virginia legal practice Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein (PWHD) made simplicity a key element of the new Web design in order to engage users and provide an intuitive browsing experience.

Here’s how this legal website transformed the complexities of whistleblower litigation into an engaging and accessible design:

Anti Fraud Law Group at Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein

Fraud comes in many forms, and the practice website highlights some of the major sources of malfeasance through compelling next-step graphics. These CTAs create visual associations illustrating the often commonplace origins of the billions of dollars in losses federal and state governments incur as a result of fraudulent activities.

Case Study: Paid Social Advertising Increases Web Traffic More than 400% in One Month for Florida Law Firm

Raising awareness for your firm might seem expensive, but the key to any successful multi-channel digital marketing campaign is identifying which platforms provide the best return on investment and developing a cost-effective strategy. Canter Law, a legal client of Page 1 Solutions based in Boca Raton, Florida, discovered the benefits of budget-conscious marketing at the end of a month-long social ad campaign that launched in June and concluded in July.

The results of this campaign are detailed in the Slideshare presentation below, including considerable growth in Web traffic and a strong correlation between the dates of the campaign and a boost in leads. But perhaps one of the major takeaways is the cost savings between marketing channels – targeting users through the Facebook ad network rather than Google AdWords led to savings of over 180,000% (that's right, THOUSAND)!

Web Design Digest: Legal – July 2016

Relating to clients is crucial for effectively marketing any law firm. Injury attorney Christopher W. Jeffress in Boulder, Colorado, makes the rapport he builds with clients an integral part in both the design and messaging of his new website.

Let's have a look at what defines the online aesthetic for Jeffress Law:

Jeffress Law

Christopher Jeffress enjoys many of the same outdoor activities that his clients do, including riding motorcycles and snowboarding the Colorado slopes. Custom photography on the Jeffress Law website features the principal attorney standing with his motorcycle in front of a backdrop comprising the eye-catching Flatirons, as well as Mr. Jeffress interacting with clients.

Accompanying the photos in each banner is a phrase representing the firm's philosophy of personalized, compassionate service to clients. Many aspects of the website also serve clients and prospective clients by providing a seamless user experience.