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If you want to get the biggest return from your online marketing investment and become a dominant law firm in your Internet marketplace, you need to consider custom legal videos.

Of course, the use of videos is particularly evident in more competitive metro areas. However, attorneys in almost every legal market are seeing top competitors take advantage of video production in their online marketing efforts. And strategic legal video marketing is much more than just putting a video on your homepage.

How Legal Videos Can Help My Marketing

You likely have been told that videos can improve your Internet marketing results; but how?  Here are 7 reasons why your law firm needs to invest in strategic legal videos.

  1. Convert more traffic into actual leads.
  2. Improve your organic search engine results and move up on the list.
  3. Distinguish your firm from all of your competitors.
  4. Give personality to your message and demonstrate passion for your services.
  5. Market your video content across multiple platforms (website, blog, social media platforms, particularly YouTube, email, etc.)
  6. Build immediate rapport and “connection” with visitors.
  7. Communicate complex concepts and information more clearly.

Check out a sample of one of our legal videos!  

James L. Gilbert - The Gilbert Law Group

Why Choose Page 1 Legal Video Services?

Experience - We understand what it takes to effectively market law firms and the types of cases you need to promote. But most important, we know your target audience; what they want and how to communicate with them.

Maximum Results - Each legal video we develop (how it is planned, produced, edited, optimized and promoted) is part of a comprehensive Internet marketing and sales strategy.  Simply shooting and posting videos just to say you have video is not enough.

SEO - We understand legal search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing more completely than agencies that don’t specialize in marketing law firms. We recognize the value and opportunity in legal videos and leverage your video content to 1) improve your search engine listings, and 2) convert more visitors into leads.

Affordable - Dominant video marketing is much more than shooting one, or even several videos.  For example, we provide video blogging campaigns (25-50 videos!) that keep new, high-quality video content in front of your target audience and the search engines every week; as low as $150 per video!

Custom To You And Your Firm - Not only are your videos custom (including you, your satisfied clients, your offices and team members), your video marketing campaign is custom to your specific needs (number of videos, types of videos, promotion, etc.).

Legal Video Checklist

If you are thinking about shooting legal videos to promote your firm for the first time, or just want tips to improve your current video marketing efforts, download our Legal Video Marketing Checklist. It provides useful insights to help plan and execute your legal video production and marketing. Avoid wasting time and money, and get the most in return from your video investments.

Check Out Some Of Our Legal Videos

Some Key Video Facts For Attorneys:

  • Visitors stay twice as long on website pages when they include videos.
  • Videos enhances your visitors’ comprehension and understanding of your service by 74%.
  • 80 percent of your website visitors will view a video on your website, while only 20 percent will actually read your content thoroughly.
  • Your website is 50 times more likely to secure first-page search engine listings if it includes optimized videos.
  • 90 percent of online users indicate that viewing a video is helpful in their decision-making process.
  • 26 percent of internet consumers search for more information after watching a video ad.
  • By 2018, mobile video will represent 69 percent of all mobile internet traffic.

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