Custom Video Production for Lawyers

Video Marketing for Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms

custom video library for Hickey Law Firm in Miami, FloridaFor many consumers, videos are the go-to source for learning about a product or service and selecting the right business to fulfill their needs. Prospective clients do the same thing to find the best attorney, which is why a custom video library is a tremendous asset for persuading users not only of your adroit legal mind but the compassion and consideration you extend to your clients.

Page 1 Solutions is pleased to offer flexible video production options for attorneys. We can come to you, or you can come to us – it all depends on your schedule and caseload.

Custom videos amplify your marketing message. A video library  augments marketing campaigns that improve your rank, boost your reputation, and gain and retain clients. These marketing strategies work together to drive high-quality leads for your law firm, convert them into clients and cases, and boost your bottom line.

Learn more about marketing your law firm with custom video by calling 303-233-3886. Page 1 Solutions offers a free evaluation of your website and online marketing.

What Happens During a Video Production Shoot?

We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you appear on camera. One of the most effective ways to be yourself is to answer common questions submitted by your clients.

These might include:

  • How much is my case worth?
  • How soon should I contact an attorney?
  • What does it cost to speak to an attorney?
  • What types of damages can I recover?
  • How long will it take to win or settle my claim?
  • Do I need a lawyer?

You can also answer questions specific to your area of law. We have helped clients film video responses to questions about car accidents, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, nursing home abuse and neglect and more.

Ultimately, the subject of your videos should reflect your law firm. Custom video is a way to personalize your message to prospective clients, so think about what you want to say and what they should know as they consider your services.

What’s Involved in Custom Video Production?

Video shoots can take up to half a day. Throughout that time, we provide professional direction so you are authoritative and personable on camera. We light the studio or shooting space and set it up for the best camera angles and sound, and we display text by professional scriptwriters to help you stay on track while we’re office.

Whether you visit our office or we come to you, the actual video shoot is just the beginning. When you purchase video production services from Page 1 Solutions, you get the following:

We edit the footage to create a professional presentation. Features we can add in post-production include:

  • Graphic elements, such as your law firm logo and calls-to-action featuring your phone number and website
  • Non-copyrighted music
  • Narration (male or female voice)
  • B-roll of the inside and outside of your office

Page 1 Solutions shoots video in high-definition (HD). At the end of the video shoot, you have complete ownership of all raw footage, video clips and website files, enabling you to integrate these assets anywhere on your website and in your marketing.

Why Visit Page 1 Solutions for Your Video Shoot?

Shooting videos in your office can be done according to your schedule. You may feel more comfortable in your office than visiting a location you haven't visited before. However, coming to the Page 1 Solutions office (located in scenic Lakewood, Colorado) has benefits as well:

  • Meeting our team: During your trip, you will meet the marketing team members who consult with you on your account, create content, perform SEO on your website and off-site listings, manage your social media, and more.
  • Working with an experienced video production crew: Our Senior Project and Video Production Manager worked in video and traditional media for more than 20 years before transitioning to digital. We bring in an experienced videographer who knows how to position the camera and lighting so you look your best on camera.
  • Hands-on assistance: During the shoot, our team members confer with you throughout the process. We provide in-the-moment feedback to make sure you feel comfortable and can deliver your lines in a natural, compelling fashion. We can even advise you on wardrobe choices so you present a professional image!

Contact our office to learn more about video marketing, or to schedule your video shoot!

How Can Video Help My Marketing?

Custom video is unique in its immediacy: You can tell users all about your law firm and build rapport with them in as little as 30 seconds. What’s more, they hear your words and watch you speak - almost like you’re sitting across from them in your office!

Video helps you stand out from your competitors and articulate your message directly to prospective clients. Other benefits include:

Marketing Through Your Website

Page 1 Solutions creates a video library to house all of your content. This allows users to navigate easily from one clip to another or find specific questions or topics relevant to their needs.

The video library is by no means the only location on your website where you can host video clips. Page 1 Solutions can also embed video clips:

  • On your home page
  • On your priority practice area pages
  • In blog posts
  • On your dedicated Contact Us page
  • On individual location pages if you have more than one office

Videos enrich the user experience on your website. Benefits include:

  • Visitors stay twice as long on website pages when they include videos
  • More users will watch a video than read, word by word, the content on your page
  • Video resonates with online users, helping them think of questions that move them through the buyer’s journey and encouraging engagement with your firm

Closer attention isn’t just good for lead generation. It can also benefit SEO on and off of your website.

Video SEO

Like the pages on your website, videos on popular platforms like YouTube can be optimized, too. Page 1 Solutions has extensive experience optimizing video for our legal clients so potential clients can find answers to legal questions and find a suitable law firm.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine behind Google. If clients can find videos for your law firm but not from your competitors, you stand a much better chance of getting their business!

Social Media Marketing

Videos are hugely popular on social media. In addition to uploading your clips to YouTube, team members at Page 1 Solutions can also enhance your profile on leading social networking sites like Facebook to provide your fans and followers with another way to connect with your law firm.

Social media is all about building connections. Consumers don’t just want to read about the businesses in their area; they want to experience them before they buy.

Custom video gives your law firm the ability to forge these relationships. In addition to interviews with your attorneys, videos by Page 1 Solutions can also take users inside your office, highlighting members of your team and even footage of you sitting down with clients.

Invest in Video Marketing

The attorneys who choose custom video production are proud of the final product. Videos enhance your brand and give you the opportunity to drive more leads by appealing to the information prospective clients require and presenting your law firm as a personable, authoritative legal provider.

Complete our legal video checklist to get started. You can also tell us about your marketing goals by calling Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 today.

Page 1 Solutions is pleased to evaluate your website and online marketing needs for free!