Tracking Legal Internet Marketing Results

Website Design and SEO for Attorneys and Law Firms

The fundamental principles of delivering high-quality legal services can also apply to marketing your firm: 1) You can only secure the most favorable outcomes is you have the right information and accurate data, and 2) when this information is interpreted and effectively implemented by a professional with experience.

There are four areas your legal firm must leverage, if you are committed to drive more high quality visitors to your website, convert more of this traffic into actual leads, and turn these leads into new cases.

  1. Internet Marketing Consultant
  2. Search Engine Ranking Reports
  3. Website Traffic Reports
  4. Lead/Conversion Tracking Reports

Internet Marketing Consultant

Before you simply start accumulating marketing and user data, it is important to ensure you have a qualified and experienced marketing specialist that can do something with it.  Your firm needs a designated Internet Marketing Consultant who:

  • Understands your firm and clients
  • Evaluates your results
  • Effectively interprets the information and develops strategic recommendations
  • Implements them with passion and attention to detail

Even the most thorough, accurate information is useless if it isn’t in the hands of and experienced marketing consultant that can spearhead the tracking and execution of your campaign.  At Page 1, you will have an Internet Marketing Consultant committed to getting your law firm the results you need.

Search Engine Ranking Report

Attracting new legal clients through your website only happens when potential clients can consistently find it on the search engines, most importantly, Google. 

At Page 1, our attorney clients receive a monthly Search Engine Ranking Report, including the positioning results for the most important keyword searches. Here is a sample: (Graphic sample conductor ranking report)

Website Traffic Tracking

Most attorneys review their website’s user sessions and traffic volume that their website marketing agency sends, and calls it good.  Our website tracking and consultation goes beyond just how many visitors come to your site, and allows you to get much more insight to address:

  • How visitors like and stay on your site
  • How they use your website and navigation through it
  • What call-to-action changes need to be made
  • How visitors view your website (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • How do they get to your website; the keyword phrases they search
  • And more . . .

Using Google Analytics, we help you understand the most important information, measure your website’s effectiveness, and continually take steps to improve its results.

Lead Conversion and Tracking

Highly effective legal websites not only secure important search results, they convert a high percentage of new visitors into leads for the firm, the most important being telephone leads. At Page 1, we track the volume, types and quality of your website leads and find trends to constantly update your strategies and improve your conversion results.

In the end, the goal of your marketing efforts is not measured by how many Google listings you are finding your website on first-page results.  It is about how many new leads and opportunities your marketing dollars drives to your firm.

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