Website Development for Lawyers

Website Design and SEO for Attorneys and Law Firms

Our website development for lawyers consists of an individualized approach customized to your practice and your market. From selecting your keyword phrases, to your legal website design and writing your content, each phase in our development process ultimately results in a website built to increase your return on investment.

The initial development stages of our websites for lawyers include:

  • Your keyword list: One of the very first steps in our development process for lawyers is to create your keyword list. By examining what keywords potential clients are using to search for lawyers in your area, we develop a keyword list upon which to base your website's SEO, content, legal website design and other elements.

  • Analysis of your competitors' websites: By studying the websites of the lawyers who are your competitors, our team can strategize the best approach to competing effectively with their websites.

  • Individualized strategy development for your legal website: The consulting team developing your website meets to strategize all aspects of your website, including legal website design, content, SEO and Pay-Per-Click, if applicable. To gather information for your legal website, we'll learn more about you and your practice through conversations with you in the development process.

  • Persuasive, customized legal content: After consulting with you about the unique aspects of your legal practice, we write original content designed to convert website visitors into leads and to get your website pages into top search engine results for certain keywords. You edit all content to reflect your practice and your content preferences.

  • Compelling, striking website design: After speaking to you about your goals for legal website design, we create a website design that is both visually impactful and navigates website visitors seamlessly through your site, with the ultimate goal of turning them into leads. We consult you throughout the design process to reach the finalized design you approve of.

  • Custom video: A custom video on your website is one of the most important ways to build credibility with the potential clients who visit your website. We develop custom video establishing the caliber of your firm.

In the final phases of development of your legal website, we place the content and images on your site and present you the finalized website for your approval. At this point, we strategically submit your website to the top search engines.

At all stages in our website development process for lawyers and throughout our relationship with you, we are here to serve as your internet marketing consultants, helping you to maximize the effectiveness of your website and to get a higher marketing ROI.

Develop a legal website that stands apart and turns traffic to your website into cases and revenue. Contact Page 1 Solutions to learn more about how our website development for lawyers can generate new cases for your practice.