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Legal Call Tracking

Tracking leads is essential to identifying your return on investment (ROI). Our SEO for lawyers program includes a FREE telephone call tracking number for your website.

Why Use A Designated Call Tracking Number?

Telephone calls are the most valuable leads your website must generate, and the most important result you need to track and measure.  Call tracking, along with email and chat lead monitoring, has to be part of your website marketing analysis.

 Should I Have Multiple Call Tracking Numbers?

If you market multiple websites, invest in SEO or pay-per-click advertising/landing pages, or pay for other online campaigns, the answer is: YES. Identifying results from each source is key to determining ROI and where to continually invest.

Do I Have To Use A Toll-Free Number?

No.  We offer call tracking for local as well as toll-free numbers.  In many cases, visitors prefer to speak to a local resource and firms don’t want to market state or nationally.

How Much Should I Budget For Call Tracking?

At Page 1, we offer free call tracking for your main practice website as part of our SEO for lawyers program.  Some call tracking services can cost $75-$100 per month.

Asking “where did you hear about us” is not an effective tracking methodology and makes you come across more like a marketer or sales person and less like professional counsel.  Start tracking your most important leads today.

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