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A law firm blog (abbrev. Web Log) is a section on an attorney's website which you can update on your own by adding new information without having to ask for your website designer’s help. Blogs came about as an online diary where you could post information for the world to enjoy. Blogging has grown in popularity and they are now being used to promote professional services. Here are a few reasons to add a blog to your law firm website:

  • Law Firm Blogs add a social media element to your website marketing.
  • Law Firm Blogs help to build rapport with visitors.
  • Law Firm Blogs help with your attorney SEO.

Blogs Add a Social Media Element to Your Legal Website

The largest and continually growing segment of today’s Internet usage is social media. Email is no longer the only form of online communication that people use. They are now using social media websites, such as Google+Twitter and Facebook, all of which have a blogging component to them.  Lawyers use social media as well as their legal blogs to communicate with current and prospective clients. 

Our law firm clients' statistics statistics indicate that law firm blogs regularly rank among the top three pages viewed. Your potential clients want to know what’s going on with you and your firm and they want to be informed of current legal developments.  It is a way to demonstrate your knowledge of your areas of expertise.  If they like what they see, they are more likely become regular readers of your blog.  At Page 1, we help you use your law firm blog as a way to build your online authority and communicate with your current and prospective clients.  

You can use your blog as a way to build rapport with your community and current and prospective clients. Today, it is important to build a relationship with your potential clients. They need to feel like they know you and know what you’re about. People do business with people they know and like. By providing visitors with details about you and your firm on a regular basis, you’ll be building a relationship with them. In turn, you will increase the number of leads that your website generates.

Blogs Help With Search Engine Optimization

Websites like and do very well on the search engines, not just because of who they are, but because they have so many pages of content, which are updated on a regular basis. That’s not to say that your website should compete with, but we can learn something from their success. You can take that knowledge and regularly add new blog entries and more pages to your website. This will give the search engines fresh content to return to their users, which is why search engines exist in the first place. When the search engines recognize your website as a resource for new and valuable information, they will reindex your blog and your website more regularly and your website will naturally perform better on the search engines. This will put you at an advantage over your competitors, who may have not updated their site since the day the site was launched.

At Page 1 Solutions, we know that blogs are a very important part of attorney SEO and website marketing. In all but the smallest markets, blogs are critical to maintain a competitive edge. We will also assist our clients by writing blog entries on their behalf at no additional cost. This will supplement your own efforts and get results for you much faster.

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