Lead Tracking for Ophthalmology Internet Marketing

Lead Reporting: Call Tracking, Live Chat Services & More for Eye Surgeons

The goal of any digital marketing campaign is to generate leads and patients for your practice. But with so many Internet marketing options available for ophthalmologists, how can you know where best to spend your money?

Multi-channel marketing comprises a variety of strategies to improve your search rankings, amplify your message to prospective patients, boost your reputation, drive website traffic, and more. The ultimate goal is to drive high-quality leads to your practice, convert them into patients and procedures, and generate more revenue.

Page 1 Solutions offers our clients multiple options for tracking leads by phone, email, instant chat and more. Please visit the following sections for information on each:

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Call Tracking for LASIK Surgeons

lead tracking chart for LASIK surgeons and ophthalmologistsFor most ophthalmology practices, getting prospective patients on the phone is priority number one. It’s the most personable means of communication with leads, and you likely see significant conversions once you get people to pick up the phone.

Page 1 Solutions designs and develops websites to drive phone calls. We offer local numbers and toll-free 1-800 numbers for LASIK and eye doctors who serve a broad geographical area.

We also provide full reporting that tells you:

  • Whether a patient is new or returning
  • What symptom or condition they report to your staff
  • The procedure they are considering

And we go one step further by enabling dynamic call tracking on your website. With dynamic call tracking, we create a pool of phone numbers that provides you with referral data about the website users who call your office, including important details such as:

  • Direct website traffic
  • The search engine queries that bring them to your website
  • What they search on social media
  • Ads driving traffic to your website

The more you know about your patients, the better you can market to your website visitors. Our Internet Marketing Consultants review the details of your reporting each month so you can make informed decisions about your strategies for lead generation.

Online Chat for Ophthalmologists

Instant chat on your practice website is an opportunity to tap a digital-savvy demographic. It runs on your website at all times, and provides users with access to an actual person.

This live chat agent works from a script to answers questions about your practice and your services and - should the visitor choose to proceed - perform initial intake. This script is customized to your practice, so you can count on the agent to represent you effectively.

In the event that a chat lead comes through during regular business hours, the chat agent can offer to connect the lead to your front desk by phone. This provides synergy between Web-based and phone-based leads.

The setup cost for online chat is very low. And, once chat is live on your website, you only pay for chats that convert into actual leads!

Contact Forms and Email

One of the major components of our website designs is the prominent placement of an intuitive contact form. These forms give users the opportunity to submit details about their needs and goals at their own pace.

We ensure that the forms are easy to complete, keeping the number of fields to a minimum while capturing all essential information. We also create compelling calls-to-action in the website navigation, design and content in order to push visitors to take the next step.

Other Lead Tracking & Reporting Services

Internet marketing consultants at Page 1 Solutions are your partners in all aspects of your digital campaigns. Depending on the marketing services you select, our experienced team will provide you with hands-on guidance for marketing via:

Lead tracking and reporting provides you the data you need to see the strengths and areas for improvement of your digital marketing strategies.

Get the insights you need to drive LASIK and other leads for your ophthalmology practice!

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