Lead Tracking & Reporting: Call Tracking, Live Chat Services & More

Track Critical Online Leads With Our Marketing Tools for Lawyers

Your website design appeals to your clients, you rank well on search engines, you have a positive online reputation, and your on-site and off-site marketing campaigns drive traffic to your website and gain exposure for your law firm. If you have all of these factors working in your favor, you need to make sure that your website is “closing the deal.”

Page 1 Solutions offers attorneys and law firms multiple lead tracking options that helps you see the ROI on your digital marketing efforts. These options include:

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Call Tracking

lead tracking chart for attorneys and law firmsWe recognize that calls are the most valuable lead type for your law firm. Phone calls give your staff an opportunity to speak to prospective clients directly, answer questions and build trust and rapport.

Page 1 creates marketing campaigns designed to get your phone ringing off the hook, and we back it up with robust call tracking services to show you the results. These numbers can be toll-free or use a local area code based on your needs.

Call tracking works just like your office phone number - a client makes the call, and a member of your team picks it up. However, our reports can help you identify key factors about the call, such as:

  • If the client is new to your firm
  • The type of case
  • Questions they ask about their case and how your firm would handle it

Our skilled Internet marketing consultants review call tracking reports with you each month to pinpoint strengths and identify opportunities for your marketing efforts. We also give you the option to drill down where your leads are coming from with dynamic call tracking.

Dynamic call tracking numbers change to match the way users access the site. For example, a visitor who calls after finding your website through a search result on Google or Bing will see a different phone number than someone accessing the site directly.

This option gives you the ability to see how many leads you’re getting from search engine optimization and compare it to other marketing.

Live Chat

With the rise of mobile Web browsing and the ever-increasing speed expectations of online users, instant chat provides visitors to your website the opportunity to interact immediately. Actual human agents operate the live chat feature for your practice.

As part of your live chat service, these agents:

  • Monitor incoming chats day and night, including outside of your regular office hours
  • Conduct initial intake using questions and responses from a custom script that effectively represents your law firm
  • Forward you qualified leads - the agent can even connect users to the phone at your front desk, if they are ready to talk to one of your team members

Pricing for online chat is very favorable: You only pay for chats that become qualified leads!

Live chat generally appeals to younger, Internet-savvy prospects who want immediacy and personal contact on the websites they browse on devices that are often smaller than a desktop or laptop computer.

Chat opens up a new lead generation opportunity for your firm. And, like call tracking services above, your marketing consultant reviews chat reports each month so you can feel confident in the leads who contact you through this channel.

Online Contact Forms

One of the most important aspects of your website is to generate leads. Although more options now exist for driving leads and cases online, contact forms are still a critical element of your law firm website.

Forms should stand out while complementing the design of your website. They should provide users an incentive to contact your office while keeping the number of fields the user fills out to a minimum (more fields to complete discourages users).

Completed forms come to you as emails. Like calls and chats, Page 1 Solutions reviews email leads as part of your monthly reporting. Your marketing consultant can assess trends in the types of cases prospective clients bring to your firm and discuss marketing options that increase leads for your most valuable practice areas.

Inbound Marketing

Not every prospective client will hire an attorney the first time they visit the website. Some users have additional questions, and others simply want to “shop around.”

Just because they leave your website doesn’t mean that your firm can’t work to build their trust and earn their business. This is where inbound marketing comes in.

Inbound marketing is a low-pressure way to start positioning your firm as the one a potential client needs to hire. This lead generation tool involves the following steps:

  1. Catch the user’s attention with a low-commitment offer, such as a graphic on your website that advertises premium downloadable content
  2. The user submits their email address in order to download the content
  3. Team members at Page 1 Solutions add the prospect’s email address to a database of potential clients
  4. Leads in the database receive perfectly timed followup emails that keep your firm “on their radar” and continue to provide value as they proceed through the buyer’s journey

Inbound marketing is more of a “long-game” solution compared to the immediacy of calls, chats and emails. It is a sophisticated way to stay in front of potential leads, affording your law firm multiple opportunities to stand out among consumers who are actively trying to find the best attorney for their case.

Building a Conversion-Ready Team

Once you have the tools to track leads, it’s very important to make sure that each member of your office staff is ready to help convert incoming visitors into business for your law firm. The right training can turn your team into skilled ambassadors for your firm, which is why Page 1 Solutions offers lead intake training for attorney support staff.

Our lead intake training service focuses on building your staff’s:

  • Phone skills
  • Ability to handle online chats
  • Response to incoming emails

Your employees are the best advocate for your business, and Page 1 Solutions can help you get them ready to drive more leads and cases to your firm.

For more information about all of the lead tracking and reporting services at Page 1 Solutions, please call 303-233-3886 today. Your initial website and marketing evaluation is free!