Tracking Internet Marketing Leads for Dentists & Dental Practices

Lead Reporting: Call Tracking, Live Chat Services & More

The same principles that are at the foundation of high-quality dentistry also apply to Internet marketing: 1) You can’t get the results you want without leveraging accurate data, and 2) Data is only useful when interpreted and acted on by an experienced provider.

Page 1 Solutions understands how important clear, accurate data is in helping dentists make informed decisions about their marketing. Our Internet Marketing Consultants provide you with a number of monthly reports to show the performance of your various campaigns, but perhaps the most important reporting centers on lead generation.

As a client of Page 1 Solutions, you will receive robust lead tracking and reporting on:

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Call Tracking for Dentists

lead tracking chart for dentists and dental officesInternet users have many ways to contact your office, but phone calls are still your best opportunity for driving leads. From website design to individual campaigns, Page 1 Solutions works with you to get potential patients on the phone.

Dynamic call tracking draws on a pool of phone numbers and captures information about how the visitor arrived on your site, including referral data from:

We also offer toll-free numbers for dentists who serve a wider geographical area.

No matter the number users dial, they all arrive at the same destination: the phone at your front desk. Our reporting will assess key characteristics of the call, including:

  • Patient status (new or returning)
  • The problem or symptom they report to your staff
  • The procedure they are considering

The insights from dynamic call tracking and lead reporting enable our Internet Marketing Consultants to help you optimize your online marketing strategy and ensure that the users who call respond favorably to your team.

Live Chat for Dentists

Not all potential patients will call you on the phone. It’s important to offer viable alternatives to drive leads outside of your regular office hours. The most effective is an online chat agent.

Live chat runs 24/7 on your website. It is operated by an actual person, who refers to a script that we help you create in order to perform initial intake for your practice. Scripted questions and responses quickly size up the patient’s needs, saving time for your staff and increasing the likelihood of converting the chat into an actual lead.

You only pay for chats that become genuine leads, and the setup cost and price per lead are both very low!

Online chat is perfect for helping your practice connect with today’s Internet users, who often visit your website on their phone. The service appeals to visitors who expect immediate answers about your dental services and want to connect with your office online and on their own time.

Online Forms and Email

The form on your website is a tried-and-true lead generation tool. Some users still prefer to send online messages explaining the issue they want to address, and Page 1 Solutions will help you maximize leads generated through the forms on your website.

Our Onboarding Team designs websites with prominent contact forms. We keep the number of fields to a minimum while still requiring users to enter important information that provides your staff with actionable next steps for converting the visitor into an actual appointment.

Other Lead Generation Options for Dentists

Digital marketing is always evolving, and Page 1 Solutions stays on top of the latest developments to help dentists drive website traffic, leads and cases. We are pleased to offer several services that provide our clients with unprecedented insights into how potential patients ultimately choose a dentist.

These lead tracking and reporting options include:

  • Pay-per-click: Show up prominently in sponsored search listings in order to capitalize on the high level of interest (and, therefore, competition) for services like dental implants, porcelain veneers and more. Our consultants discuss performance of your ad campaigns and adjust your bidding accordingly.
  • Inbound marketing: Entice visitors to your website with premium downloadable content, then earn their trust off-site with automated followup emails.
  • Display advertising: Retargeting/remarketing campaigns and pre-roll video ads tap into multiple user behaviors and characteristics, including visits to your website, in order to get your name persistently in front of potential patients.
  • Healthgrades: Team members at Page 1 Solutions help you set up and manage your Healthgrades account. A completed profile is more likely to show up in search results and drive leads to your practice.

In addition to tracking and reporting on incoming leads from a multitude of sources, Page 1 Solutions goes a step further to help you maximize the cases you generate. Our lead intake training is a hands-on program that helps your staff members ask the right questions and guide the people who contact your office to schedule a consultation.

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