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A multi-channel digital marketing strategy is crucial for generating leads in today’s crowded plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine marketplace. Just as important is the need to determine the strengths, opportunities and areas for improvement when it comes to your online marketing campaigns.

Internet marketing consultants at Page 1 Solutions are dedicated to the success of your practice. We stand behind our services, which is why we partner with plastic surgeons, aesthetic practices and medical spas to track and report:

We don’t just give our clients numbers; we analyze the data and provide insights to drive more leads and cases. And, by helping you gain and retain patients, we provide solutions for your success in the form of more revenue.

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Website Call Tracking

lead tracking chart for plastic surgeons and cosmetic practicesAt Page 1, we know that getting potential patients on the phone is your top priority. All of our digital marketing campaigns for plastic and cosmetic surgeons emphasize calling your office, but we go one step further by providing you the option to track how these leads find you online.

With dynamic call tracking, the phone number displayed on your website changes when users visit your website directly or arrive from a search result on Google or Bing. Page 1 Solutions offers dynamic call tracking numbers with local area codes, as well as toll-free options.

The destination number always goes to your local office phone, so your front desk receives the call regardless, but dynamic call tracking can provide crucial insights such as:

  • Whether or not the caller is a new or current patient
  • The procedure in which they’re interested
  • Questions about the procedure and the symptom/problem they want to solve

With dynamic call tracking, your Internet marketing consultant can discuss the success of your search engine optimization and the strength of other campaigns that drive users to your website.

What Is Live Chat?

Today, web users expect personal attention, immediacy and interactivity. With the popularity of smartphones, many people visiting your website prefer to use their phone for text messaging rather than making calls.

Adding a live chat service to your practice website increases your likelihood of converting visitors who are:

  • Reaching out to your practice outside of regular business hours
  • Seeking immediate solutions to questions about cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments
  • Looking to connect with your practice online first

Page 1‘s instant chat is not an automated program. A human chat agent operates the service to respond to incoming communications effectively and represent your practice in the best possible light.

Your Internet marketing consultant works with you to develop a script that the agent uses to greet visitors and start assessing their needs. The chat agent uses scripted questions and responses to perform initial intake, saving your office staff time.

The agent can connect leads who are willing to talk on the phone with your front desk. You will only pay for chats that turn into actual leads for your practice!

Email and Online Contact Forms

Some users prefer to organize their thoughts and connect with your practice online before making an appointment. For this reason, Page 1 Solutions makes the online forms a prominent component of your website design.

The Onboarding Team designs and develops forms that are easy to use, minimizing the number of fields. Your staff receives completed forms in their inbox as emails, making it easy to review and follow up with prospective patients.

Your Internet Marketing Consultant reviews form fills, phone calls and chats on a monthly basis. We analyze the data to identify popular procedures and discuss marketing services that can increase leads for your most important types of cases.

Other Lead Tracking and Reporting Options

Digital marketing allows for unprecedented synergy. Several of our marketing services give you the opportunity to build trust with potential patients and follow the ultimate outcome of the buyer’s journey.

Our consultants track and report leads with these additional services:

  • PPC advertising: Our team tracks users who access landing pages and complete forms after clicking on your sponsored listings for competitive search terms
  • Inbound marketing: Users who provide their email address through a lead generation form are added to a dedicated database for follow-up emails and newsletter campaigns
  • Healthgrades: Page 1 helps you manage your Healthgrades profile so users who find you on this popular medical directory website want to schedule an appointment

No matter how users decide to contact your practice, your office support staff needs to be ready to handle the communication, with the goal of turning the prospect into a patient. Lead intake training can prepare your team to answer questions and book more consultations.

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