Lead Intake Training for Plastic Surgeons, Med Spas, & Cosmetic Practices

Lead Analysis & Training for Patient Coordinators and Other Cosmetic Staff

Does your marketing generate leads, but you’re not seeing an increase in your revenue? Before you start reducing spending, consider what it takes for leads to convert into patients. Your patient coordinator and other office staff are your first impression for incoming leads. Capable, personable people with solid intake skills drive more patients and business, while deficiencies in these areas could mean that you fall short of your lead generation and revenue goals.

At Page 1 Solutions, we help plastic surgeons, medical spas, and other practices providing aesthetic services optimize their lead intake procedures so they can drive more conversions and attain more revenue. Our intake training service helps our clients in the cosmetic medical space maximize the number of leads that convert into consultations and patients.

Get the most from your marketing services with better lead conversions. Call Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 for a free consultation to learn more about our intake training services for your treatment coordinators and other staff!

What Is Lead Intake Training?

For cosmetic surgeons and med spas, digital lead tracking is a necessity. Plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic treatments are hugely popular, and your practice needs to understand how prospective patients find you and what they do when they become a phone, email, chat, or text lead.

The intake your staff performs for these leads often makes or breaks their decision to come in for a consultation and purchase services. The revenue you earn on elective, fee-for-service surgical procedures and non-surgical cosmetic treatments may be substantial, but it’s also important to consider the cost to your practice of leads that don’t convert.

Lead intake training enables you, your patient coordinator, and other staff members to understand the money you lose on generating a lead that doesn’t turn into a consultation or purchased services. You also gain insight into the factors that influence conversion decisions, including:

  • How much time your practice has to capitalize on the lead’s interest and convert them into a patient
  • The behavior of your staff when conducting initial intake, including their knowledge of your procedures, services, and specials/promotions; how they answer questions; and the language they use when presenting your practice to a potential patient
  • The timeliness of follow-up communications, as well as how thoroughly your staff addresses the lead’s questions and goals

Plastic surgeons, med spas, and other cosmetic practices typically see 30-35% more phone calls turn into consultations with improved lead intake!

Getting Started with Lead Intake Training

When you purchase intake training services, your Page 1 Solutions Internet Marketing Consultant will collaborate with a specialist in lead intake. The first step is a thorough analysis of your current leads and intake processes.

Our Intake Specialist will evaluate the following:

  • Phone call recordings with incoming leads to assess the phone demeanor of your office staff, including greetings, answering questions, how often callers are placed on hold, how long they wait, etc.
  • What procedures potential patients ask about and the specific questions they submit via email, chat, and text message
  • Does the content on your website effectively address the needs, goals, and questions of incoming leads

Another component of this evaluation is a “secret shop.” Our specialist will contact your practice the same way a patient would, sharing details, asking questions, and communicating with your staff like an actual lead. This secret shop will occur via phone, email, chat, and text so we can get a full picture of your intake process.

Our specialist will assess the following as part of the secret shop:

  • Your staff’s telephone skills, including:
    • Setting the tone
    • Developing instant rapport
    • Taking control
    • Asking the right questions
    • Earning the right to ask for their business
    • Overcoming objections
    • Extracting key information
    • Managing cost questions
    • Screening out non-qualified callers, and more!
  • How they handle chat leads and email form submissions, including:
    • Follow-up timing
    • How to respond to price shopping inquiries.
    • What should I include in follow-up emails?
    • How much is too much? How much is too little?
    • How do I convert emails into phone calls?
    • What not to send in emails

What to Expect from Lead Intake Training

Once the evaluation is complete, you will meet with the Intake Specialist and your Internet Marketing Consultant. This training session is hosted via Skype, but you can also meet with the specialist in person at your office (charges for travel and expenses will apply).

During this informative training session, the Intake Specialist will discuss the analysis of your lead and the secret shop results in detail. You will learn how much it costs to generate a lead through your marketing, as well as the money you leave on the table should that lead not convert into a patient.

The goal of the training session is to improve the following aspects of your intake process:

  • The way your staff members conduct themselves with incoming leads on the phone and via email
  • Their ability to connect with leads on an emotional level, including their needs, goals, questions, and concerns
  • How quickly your team gets in touch with leads after they send an email, submit an online chat request, or leave a voicemail
  • How the office staff conducts follow-up with prospective patients

After the training, our Intake Specialist will send you an email with recommendations on how to make these improvements. Your Internet Marketing Consultant will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that you and your patient coordinator make the changes and see an increase in lead conversions and revenue.

Get Your Lead Intake on Track

Your marketing promotes the quality of care and premier patient experience at your practice. However, a premium experience involves more than just the surgeons, doctors, and clinical staff. Your office staff members are the first to interact with potential patients, and the way they handle intake makes a difference in how many actual patients you generate through your marketing.

If your practice is getting leads but you don’t see the revenue, Page 1 Solutions can help. Our agency does it all, and we know how important high-quality intake is to generating cosmetic patients, cases, and revenue. Call 303-233-3886 to learn how lead intake training can benefit you!