Lead Intake Training for LASIK Surgeons & Ophthalmologists

Lead Analysis & Training for Patient Coordinators and Other Eyecare Staff

If you get leads but don’t see more patients, it’s tempting to feel discouraged with your marketing investment. At Page 1 Solutions, we prioritize lead generation for our clients, but our services don’t end there.

Our marketing agency  is committed to your success. We have the experience serving ophthalmologists, LASIK surgeons, and other eye care professionals to recognize that getting new leads is only part of your goal. For your practice to be successful, marketing leads have to convert into patients and generate revenue.

If your business goals are lagging behind your lead generation, lead intake training is an effective solution to help your patient coordinator and other staff “sell” your practice effectively to potential patients. Learn more by calling 303-233-3886 to speak to an experienced consultant today!

What Is Lead Intake Training?

Digital lead tracking, including website contact forms, call tracking numbers, online chat, and text messaging, is an essential part of understanding the ROI on your marketing campaigns. As leads come to your practice, your treatment coordinator, receptionist, and other staff members perform intake and follow-up in order to answer questions, address concerns, and provide information. Ideally, all of these communications result in the lead scheduling a consultation and, ultimately, booking LASIK, cataract surgery, or another high-value procedure.

Unfortunately, issues with lead intake can cause prospective patients to consider services elsewhere. Considering the money you put into marketing and generating leads, the cost of a lead that doesn’t convert can be significant.

Possible issues that can increase the volume of costly “lost leads” include:

  • Inability to answer questions, provide information, or promote your practice effectively when communicating with leads
  • Taking too long to return the initial calls, emails, or other communications from leads
  • Failing to follow up in a timely fashion
  • Failing to engage the lead’s interest when they are “hot”

Our lead intake training service lays the groundwork for you, your patient coordinator, and your office staff to correct these issues.

Better intake means better business: Practices with the right people and process typically convert 30-35% more phone calls into consultations!

Getting Started with Lead Intake Training

The first step to adjust your intake process is to understand the issues you may be facing. Our Intake Specialist will begin by:

  • Reviewing email leads submitted through your website to assess overall quality, common questions, and more
  • Assessing content on your website to ensure prospective patients can educate themselves effectively before contacting your practice
  • Evaluating phone call recordings to determine how callers are greeted, how often callers are put on hold and for how long, and how well your team addresses common questions and concerns

The Intake Specialist will also get an inside look at your process by conducting a “secret shop.” This involves going through the intake process like a lead to determine how your staff members conduct themselves when interacting with a potential patient by phone, email, text, and chat.

The secret shop process enables our specialist to provide you detailed feedback on the following aspects of your intake process:

  • Your staff’s telephone skills:
    • Setting the tone
    • Developing instant rapport
    • Taking control
    • Asking the right questions
    • Earning the right to ask for their business
    • Overcoming objections
    • Extracting key information
    • Managing cost questions
    • Screening out non-qualified callers, and more!
  • How your staff handles chat leads and email form submissions:
    • Follow-up timing
    • How to respond to price shopping inquiries.
    • What should I include in follow-up emails?
    • How much is too much? How much is too little?
    • How do I convert emails into phone calls?
    • What not to send in emails

What to Expect from Lead Intake Training

After compiling the data from tracked leads and findings from the secret shop, the Intake Specialist and your Internet Marketing Consultant will meet with you for a presentation and training session. This meeting can be performed on Skype, or the Intake Specialist can visit your office in person (for an additional charge covering travel and expenses).

This presentation will include a host of eye-opening information, including the actual dollar value of a lead that falls through the cracks, as well as:

  • How to make a genuine emotional connection with leads, which increases the likelihood that they will become patients
  • Tips for conducting better business over the phone and through other lead channels
  • The importance of returning calls and other messages, and how soon your staff should do so
  • The benefits of performing intake and follow-up over the phone compared to other means of communication
  • The time frame in which leads become “cold” and your practice misses the opportunity to earn their business
  • What to include in follow-up communications, and when to follow up with leads

You will have the opportunity to discuss these findings and ask questions of the Intake Specialist and your Internet Marketing Consultant during the meeting. Afterward, the Intake Specialist will prepare an email with recommendations for improving your intake.

As you implement recommended changes, your Internet Marketing Consultant will provide you with ongoing guidance. By making improvements to your intake process and monitoring incoming leads, you should begin to see growth in your revenue!

Improve Your Lead Intake Today

If your practice marketing generates leads but they don’t convert into patients and cases, our lead intake training program can help. Page 1 Solutions has been serving LASIK surgeons, ophthalmologists, and optometry practices since 2001. We do it all when it comes to marketing, and we can help you improve the ROI on the money you spend to generate leads and new patients.

Call 303-233-3886 to speak to an Internet Marketing Consultant today. Your initial website and marketing evaluation is free!