Lead Intake Training for Attorneys and Law Firms

Maximize Conversions with Lead Intake Analysis & Staff Training

Your website and marketing campaigns generate case leads, but you aren’t seeing an increase in revenue. It’s easy to get frustrated with what you spend on marketing if you’re not seeing a good ROI. But, before you start revising your budget or canceling marketing efforts because you think they aren’t working, it’s important to understand what prospective clients experience when they try to set up a consultation.

Sign up more cases by using what you already have. Find out how Page 1 Solutions can boost the ROI on marketing for your law firm with lead intake training. Our team has the experience to evaluate issues that may occur when converting a lead into a prospect and, finally, a high-value case.

If your law firm isn’t seeing leads convert into new business, contact Page 1 Solutions by calling 303-233-3886 today. Your initial website and marketing evaluation is free!

What Is Lead Intake Training?

Digital lead tracking enables your firm to understand how prospective clients contact you to schedule a consultation. The goal is to generate as many high-quality leads as possible, with incoming prospects converting into actual cases and clients.

The intake process is crucial for converting these leads into cases that drive revenue for your firm. Attorneys rely on their office staff to answer calls and respond to emails from potential clients looking for legal representation.

Law firms with the right people and systems in place to handle incoming phone, email, chat, and text messages leads typically see a higher ROI on their marketing efforts. Intake issues, however, may result in your firm falling short of your lead generation and business goals.

With intake training, Page 1 Solutions is able to bridge the gap between the lead tracking reports our team shares with you and the conversion of leads in your office. This service goes beyond generating leads for your law firm and assesses what happens to the leads themselves.

By investing in intake training, you and your staff will understand:

  • How much it costs on average for your law firm to generate a lead
  • How quickly leads turn “cold”
  • How to conduct the initial intake
  • The importance of follow-up communications
  • What prospective clients expect from follow-up communications
  • What inspires a lead to convert

Better intake can convert 30-35% more telephone leads into consultations for your law firm!

Getting Started with Lead Intake Training

Your Internet Marketing Consultant partners with our Intake Specialist to investigate what happens to leads when they contact your office. After you purchase lead intake training services, this specialist will perform an extensive analysis of the leads you are receiving by:

  • Evaluating the quality and types of case leads you are receiving through your website forms, online chat, and texts
  • Assessing the content of your website compared to the questions leads are submitting online
  • Listening to phone calls from incoming leads to understand who is answering the phones, how they greet callers, the receptionist’s confidence and sales skills, how often and for how long callers are placed on hold and the damage it can have on the call, and other trends

In order to understand firsthand what leads experience when contacting your office, we will also perform a “secret shop” via website form submission, chat, phone, and text message. Our specialist will go undercover to simulate a prospective client in order to evaluate how your office handles leads.

During the secret shop, our specialist will evaluate your staff’s:

  • Telephone skills:
    • Setting the tone and being empathetic
    • Developing instant rapport
    • Asking the right questions
    • Extracting key information
    • Screening out non-qualified callers, and more!
  • Interaction with chat leads, text messages, and email form submissions:
    • Follow-up timing
    • How to promote unique selling points of your law firm, such as how many cases your firm has handled, retainer fees, and why clients choose you over your competitors
    • What should I include in follow-up emails? E.g., video from the attorney and additional resources
    • How much is too much? How much is too little?
    • How do I convert emails into phone calls?
    • What not to send in emails

After gathering all of the data and reviewing the secret shop findings, you will have a Skype training session with our team. For an extra charge covering travel and expenses, our Intake Specialist can also visit your office in-person for this meeting.

During the training session, our specialist will reveal eye-opening insights on your cost per lead, as well as the time frame during which your law firm must act to convert the lead. The training session includes time for a Q&A during which you can ask questions about the findings and discuss how to implement them.

The training session will also include tips on how your staff can improve the way they:

  • Answer the phone
  • Make an emotional connection with callers
  • Conduct themselves on calls; when speaking to somebody who is looking for a lawyer, it is crucial to be genuine and build rapport with the needs of the caller
  • Perform follow-up communications with leads

After this training session, the Intake Specialist will send a follow-up email outlining direct recommendations to improve your intake process. Your Internet Marketing Consultant will work on an ongoing basis to help you implement changes and track the impact on your revenue.

Find Out How Lead Intake Training Can Benefit Your Law Firm

The competition for leads among attorneys is tight, especially in major markets. Getting the most from your marketing means not only driving leads but converting them into clients and cases. The cost of letting good leads slip through the cracks is high. By showing your staff this cost and making it possible for them to improve conversions, your law firm will improve your marketing ROI, see more leads come into your office for consultations, and boost your bottom line.

Trust a marketing agency that does it all and aligns services with your goals. Learn about lead intake training for your law firm by calling 303-233-3886 today!