LASIK Search Engine Positioning

Website Design and SEO for LASIK Surgeons and Ophthalmologists

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Page 1 Solutions Positioning

Our primary objective is to position your website on the top search engines.

We "optimize" your site to get first-page "results" listings.

Our primary focus is not a directory or typical "find a surgeon near you" service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for each client website is our core marketing strategy.

Only 1-3 clients per market area.

Target exclusively local searches and local consumers.

Focus on 1st-page listings only.

Accountability - monthly documentation of your 1st-page listings

Other Web Marketing Firms

Fees are paid up-front and are not based on whether your site appears on 1st-page results.

Do not focus on positioning your website on top search engines.

Do little to optimize your website and rely on paid or "sponsored" listings.

Promote a directory page that lists you and most of your competitors.

Focus on their directory or on website design. SEO for your site is an ancillary service, if they offer it at all.

Work with as many local competitor firms as they can.

Target only a handful of local keyword phrases, if any.

Do not try to achieve 1st-page listing for you

Do not monitor or report whether or not your site appears on 1st-page results.