OTT Video Streaming Ads for LASIK Surgeons & Ophthalmologists

Targeted Advertising Beyond Television for Eye Care Practices

You may advertise LASIK surgery on television. You might see your competitors do the same. Whether you're new to this ad space or you're a dominant advertiser on TV, you may already face limitations when it comes to expense, targeting, and ROI.

Today's consumer is exploring alternatives to cable. Your ophthalmology practice should, too!

OTT and Connected TV devicesReach new patients on emerging technology that takes users "over-the-top" of traditional cable. OTT platforms are seeing major growth, and many advertisers haven't made the jump from TV to tap this growing market.

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Understanding OTT

"Cutting the cord" from cable enables consumers to view programs on their laptop and desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and Connected TV devices. Leading examples of CTV include:

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Roku
  • And many more!

Streaming platforms like Hulu, YouTube, and others reach millions of subscribers, and not all of them are millennials and younger people. 65% of the OTT audience is in the 25-60 age range. Furthermore, the Spanish-demographic is a major market on OTT.

Unlike TV, advertising on OTT is highly targeted. Granular targeting options for your campaign include:

  • Zip code
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Intent (search habits, browsing behavior, etc.)

Streaming digital ads combine the power of engaging video messaging with the targeting and efficiency of the Internet.

Unlike cable, OTT subscribers choose what they watch when. They tend to exhibit higher engagement than typical TV viewers. As a result, not only does granular targeting enable your ad to appear in front of the right consumers, those consumers are more likely to absorb the message of your ad – increasing the likelihood they will convert into patients.

traffic and demographic reporting on OTT ads

What Are the Benefits of OTT Ads?

Advertising blocks on OTT platforms are about 90 seconds in length. Most ads run about 15-30 seconds, so they are ideally positioned to take advantage of the faster pace of OTT streaming. The ads run like pre-roll and mid-roll video ads on YouTube.

Some of the factors that set OTT ads apart from both traditional TV and other digital advertising options include:

  • Ads always run
  • Users can't skip the ads after 5 seconds like they can on YouTube
  • You only pay for ads that reach your specific target audience
  • With dayparting options, your ad is only broadcast at the time of day when target prospective patients are likely to see it
  • We track leads back to the ad the consumer saw before calling you
  • Your ads are not preempted by commercials for political candidates and campaigns (the FCC guidelines on political advertising apply to traditional TV but not OTT)

At Page 1 Solutions, we can create new video ads for your ophthalmology practice and LASIK services to air on OTT platforms using montage, B-roll, and original footage. We can also update ads you already have.

Page 1 Solutions partners with one of the nation's leading media companies in the growing OTT space. We are able to offer a guaranteed number of impressions for ads based on your target audience. You are only charged for the users within your target audience who see your ads.

Find Out How OTT Ads Can Help Your Practice

Some LASIK providers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV commercials. Television still reaches a lot of potential patients, but the cost is high and the ability to reach the audience who is most likely to schedule consultations and become patients is minimal.

OTT advertising changes that. Ads on streaming platforms are more cost-effective, micro-targeted, and – for now – less competitive than cable.

The opportunity to reach more prospective patients for less on OTT services and CTV devices won't last forever. Call Page 1 Solutions today at 303-233-3886 to discuss OTT advertising for your LASIK, cataract surgery, and other high-dollar procedures. Our team is pleased to talk with you about your marketing options and provide recommendations free of charge!