Email Marketing for LASIK Surgeons & Ophthalmologists

Attract the Attention of Prospective Clients to Your Ophthalmology Practice

Newsletters and Email Blasts

Lead nurturing emails are delivered within a relatively brief time frame in order to convert leads while they are “hot.” Although new patients are important, database marketing can also help you maintain relationships with current patients, or reignite “hot” leads if they decide to revisit cosmetic medicine in the future.

Page 1 can segment your database to include email addresses for current patients and referral services. Rather than focusing on lead generation, these messages can take the form of a newsletter or mass email updating users about your practice, including staff and practice news, community events in which you and your team have participated and more.

These relationship-building emails and newsletters can also spotlight new procedures, seasonal specials and other updates that might entice satisfied patients and renew interest in users who previously visited your website.

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