Inbound Marketing for Ophthalmologists

Attract the Attention of Prospective Clients to Your Ophthalmology Practice

Most patients know to schedule an eye doctor appointment every year. But actually engaging patients and earning their business, especially for more involved procedures such as LASIK or cataract surgery, is another matter.

Not every patient is going to decide on LASIK and other treatments the first time they learn about them. Inbound or database marketing helps you overcome reluctance and make your practice the one these patients select when they’re ready.

Combined with other marketing options, inbound campaigns complement strategies to improve your first-page rankings, amplify your marketing message, build your reputation, and gain and retain patients. Ultimately, multi-channel marketing strategies drive high-quality leads, conversions, and more revenue.

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Building Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

What Is Inbound Marketing? infographicDatabase marketing is a trickle rather than a flood. It won’t result in massive lead generation all at once, but it does drive leads to your practice on a gradual basis.

Our marketing agency partners with your practice to design and execute an effective inbound marketing campaign on your website. This involves the following steps:

  • We develop custom imagery and downloadable PDFs, using your website design as a basis for consistent user experience
  • We embed the images as call-to-action elements on your priority practice area pages
  • Users who want to download the content fill out an online form, providing their email address and some key details
  • Our team members add each email address to a segmented database
  • The user receives follow-up email messages that retain their interest and keep your practice at the forefront of their minds

Ultimately, this campaign nurtures prospective patients who visit your website into full-fledged leads. Because they learned about your practice recently, these users are part of a “hot leads campaign” designed to earn their business in short order.

We can also use inbound marketing to achieve the longer-term goal of patient retention. We create custom newsletters and email blasts that maintain your contact with patients through updates about special offers, news about your practice, and more.

Why Database Marketing?

First and foremost, inbound marketing is an automated process. Once users submit their email address, our marketing automation program does the rest. Page 1 Solutions will help you track leads generated through inbound marketing campaigns.

Second, the content is personalized to your practice. The graphics and the PDFs are unique, ensuring that patients pay attention when your emails arrive in their inbox.

Third, our team members capably manage your database to ensure the right communication gets to the right user at the right time. Segmentation allows us to improve on the tried-and-tested mailing list format to deliver emails with different messaging to different sets of recipients based on their relationship to your practice.

Ultimately, ophthalmologists who invest in inbound marketing find a solution to the great digital marketing question: How can I convert users who leave my website into patients?

Patients thinking LASIK and other eye health and vision correction procedures look at multiple providers before making a decision. With inbound marketing, you still get the opportunity to influence their decision in your favor.

Start cultivating relationships with patients through automated email marketing campaigns. Contact Page 1 Solutions by calling 303-233-3886 to learn how database marketing can enhance your patient engagement and retention.