Internet Marketing Consulting for Cosmetic Practices

Marketing Consultants for Doctors, Surgeons, & Medical Estheticians

At Page 1 Solutions, we believe that our clients should have the option to choose the internet marketing plan that works best for their practice. Some of our plastic surgeons, aesthetic practices and med spas want a comprehensive strategy, while others just need help with select marketing channels.

We are pleased to offer our clients a low-commitment, no-pressure option that enables them to receive hands-on marketing advice without being required to invest in a new website, SEO or other services.

Our 90-day consulting-only agreement gives you a "taste" of how we help clients improve their search rankings, magnify their marketing message, enhance their reputation, and drive more leads, conversions, and – ultimately – revenue. Contact Page 1 Solutions today!

Start customizing your digital marketing plan with a free evaluation today. Learn about strategic business consulting by calling us at 303-233-3886.

What You Get with Strategic Marketing Consulting

During your 90-day consulting period, a dedicated Internet Marketing Consultant is your contact for any questions you might have about driving traffic to your website, generating leads and more. This knowledgeable team member is available to you according to a set schedule of hours.

Clients who choose our strategic business consulting service are guaranteed a monthly call with their Internet Marketing Consultant. During this monthly meeting, your consultant will answer questions; discuss strengths, opportunities and challenges; and provide recommendations for maximizing exposure for your practice.

You and your Internet Marketing Consultant can discuss ideas for many methods of promoting your practice and driving leads, including:

SEO: By tracking both target search terms and consumer queries, your consultant can recommend areas to adjust website content and on-page optimization to get the most from organic search campaigns.

Social media: From Facebook to Twitter, paid and unpaid, social media marketing takes many different forms. Your consultant can assess your profiles and suggest options for enhancing the reach of your practice.

Paid ads: Social media sites like Facebook aren’t the only ones with a robust native ad campaign. Your Internet Marketing Consultant can tell you more about advertising opportunities that can land you exposure on thousands of websites through options such as pay-per-click on the Google AdWords platform, display and pre-roll video advertising and more.

Website updates: Get candid input on what works and what could use improvement on your current practice website, including design and functionality, placement of calls-to-action, content and more.

Online reviews: Testimonials from happy patients can land you more business, but many plastic surgeons and cosmetic practices worry about the threat of negative reviews. Your Internet Marketing Consultant can advise you on how to manage your online reviews, including strategies for regularly generating positive ratings and strategies for addressing suboptimal patient feedback.

Secret shop and intake assessment: Your Internet Marketing Consultant will go undercover as a prospective patient to evaluate your staff's telephone skills and abilities with chat leads and email form submissions. This process will enable the consultant to assess your staff's:

  • Telephone skills, including:
    • Setting the tone
    • Developing instant rapport
    • Taking control
    • Asking the right questions
    • Earning the right to ask for the order
    • Overcoming objections
    • Extracting key information
    • Managing cost questions
    • Screening out non-qualified callers, and more!
  • Handling of chat leads and email form submissions, including:
    • Follow-up timing
    • How to respond to price shopping inquiries.
    • What should I include in follow-up emails?
    • How much is too much? How much is too little?
    • How do I convert emails into phone calls?
    • What not to send in emails

Page 1 Solutions is dedicated to the success of our clients. We work hard to understand your practice and local market so we can provide realistic, actionable input to help you stand out from your competitors.

If you are interested in more in-depth strategic business consulting that can help take your practice to the next level and accomplish more of your financial goals, we have relationships with experts in the plastic surgery, med spa, and aesthetic industries. Contact us today for an introduction!

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If you’re looking for a marketing agency that doesn’t require you to make a massive investment of time or money before you can execute, strategic business consulting at Page 1 Solutions is designed to help you. We have over 15 years of experience working with plastic surgeons, cosmetic medical professionals and other aesthetic practices, and we can help your practice in 90 days without making you sign off on a new website or other long-term contract.

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