Inbound Marketing for Dentists

Attract the Attention of Prospective Clients to Your Dental Practice

Scheduling a dentist appointment is easy. But actually convincing patients that they need to see a dentist can be very difficult.

Even patients who want to improve their smile or dental health often have reservations that keep them from calling your office. For these patients, inbound or database marketing is a viable option for assuaging their concerns, building their trust, and earning their business.

We work with dentists to improve their search rankings, amplify their marketing message, boost their reputation, and gain and retain patients. Inbound marketing complements a variety of strategies to meet these goals, all while converting high-quality leads into patients and driving revenue for your practice.

Page 1 Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency for dentists. For more information about converting patients even after they leave your website, please call 303-233-3886 for a free consultation with our experienced Web marketing consultants.

Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

What Is Inbound Marketing? infographicThink of database marketing like a drip rather than a deluge. Instead of generating a massive amount of leads immediately, inbound campaigns drive quality leads over time.

Here’s what to expect when you partner with Page 1 Solutions to set up and run your inbound marketing campaign:

  • We create custom branded content and upload it to your website as downloadable PDFs
  • We embed strategic call-to-action (CTA) graphics that link users to a form where they can download the premium content
  • The users provide their email and other important details in the form, which we add to a database
  • At set intervals, the user receives followup emails and access to additional premium content – these communications help build rapport with your potential patients

In the short term, lead nurturing emails can be just the nudge a visitor needs to access your website and, within days, schedule an appointment at your office. These initial emails strive to catch the user’s attention and earn their business when they are “hot.”

As a dentist, repeat patients are crucial to your bottom line. This is why our inbound marketing campaigns also include a longer-term component: emails blasts and newsletters are designed to keep the relationship with patients alive well after their visit.

All of these campaigns are automated. After the initial setup, all you have to do is track the leads coming to your practice. Our Internet marketing consultants are happy to discuss changes and improvements that can maximize the number of patients generated by your inbound marketing campaigns.

Learn more about email marketing for your dental practice.

Why Dental Inbound Marketing Is Right for Your Practice

The database that our team members create and manage for you is like the evolved, digital version of the mailing lists you keep for patients. But, instead of sending mass mailers that are likely to be overlooked and thrown away, our digital marketing specialists customize the marketing messages in your campaign to convert website visitors into patients.

  • CTAs and content are consistent with your branding and website design, including the logo, color scheme and imagery
  • Content is centered on your priority practice areas and informs and educates patients through formats such as checklists, how-to guides and more
  • Database segmentation is robust: Our team members can separate current and new patients, maintain lists of referrals and more
  • Newsletter and email blast content afford limitless possibilities, from promotions for special offers to announcements about your office, new services and much more

Just because visitors leave your website doesn’t mean they are not interested. But you have to convince them to pick you.

Get Started with Inbound Marketing

Dentists who invest in inbound marketing are able to continue the conversation with patients as they continue on the buyer’s journey. They might be looking at many different dentists – including your competitors – but adding their email to a database and cultivating a relationship through targeted messaging improves your ability to drive leads.

Page 1 Solutions can help you build relationships with patients through your website and on other platforms. Learn more during a free marketing evaluation by calling 303-233-3886 today.