Inbound Marketing for Plastic Surgeons and Med Spas

Lead Nurturing for Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Practices

Most patients don’t make the decision to undergo plastic surgery overnight. This time is crucial for patients to think of important questions, consider the risks, reconcile the recovery time with their schedules and more.

Patient consideration is also important for your practice. With inbound or database marketing, you can take advantage of this window to persuade prospective patients to choose you for their procedure.

Inbound campaigns build trust with your website visitors and amplify your marketing message to patients thinking about cosmetic procedures and treatments. Ultimately, ongoing, personalized communication through database marketing results in more high-quality leads, more conversions, and more revenue.

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What Happens During an Inbound Marketing Campaign?

What Is Inbound Marketing? infographicMany features of your practice website are designed to generate leads immediately. While phone calls and instant chat agents provide visitors who are ready to take the next step with instant gratification, inbound marketing provides an alternative for users who aren’t ready to book an appointment.

Content Creation

First, Page 1 Solutions designs custom call-to-action (CTA) graphics and writes original premium content. Both of these elements are branded with your practice name and logo and use colors and images that provide a seamless experience with the design of your website.

We embed the CTAs strategically on priority practice area pages of the website. This will enhance the lead generation potential for your highest-value procedures and services.

Form Completion

Next, website users who click the CTA will see a simple form that serves as a gateway to the premium content. By completing the form, they can download a checklist, how-to guide or other content that explores the procedure they’re considering.

This lead generation form records the name and email address submitted by the user. By using this information, Page 1 can continue marketing your practice to the user even after they leave your website.

Database Management

Users who complete the lead generation form have accessed your website and are learning about plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment through the premium content they downloaded. The next step strives to “seal the deal” and convert the visitor into a patient.

Information from inbound form completions is saved in a database that Page 1 monitors and maintains. We can automate follow-up emails and marketing messages that further educate the prospect and promote your practice.

Inbound marketing campaigns developed by Page 1 Solutions have options for both short-term and long-term lead generation:

Lead Nurturing Emails (Short-Term)

Users within the database receive email communications according to an automated schedule that Page 1 sets as part of your inbound marketing campaign. Many of the plastic surgeons or med spas the users found through the initial search have likely faded from memory; these emails are designed to keep your practice on the radar of prospective patients.

In addition to reminding users about your practice, lead nurturing emails also provide additional downloadable content opportunities. This follow-up content anticipates questions prospective patients might ask as they move through the buyer’s journey. It also puts your practice in prime position to answer those questions during an initial consultation.

Page 1 Solutions also provides long-term lead nurturing through newsletters, email blasts, and other email marketing services.

Advantages of Inbound Marketing

Database marketing is an opportunity for plastic surgeons and other cosmetic professionals to position their practice as the one to select as patients consider their decision to undergo a procedure. Short-term, it helps nurture prospective patients, informing them about surgery and building trust in your practice. Long-term, it can help you stay connected with patients and referrers over time, potentially resulting in additional business.

Page 1 Solutions designs the CTAs, lead generation forms, content, lead nurturing emails and newsletters to augment your website and digital marketing. Together, these components help generate leads for your priority procedures and services.

Learn more about database marketing for your plastic and cosmetic surgery practice by contacting Page 1 Solutions at 303-233-3886 today. Your initial conversation with an experienced digital marketing professional is free!